Fix cav box exploit without removing square formation altogether

Surely there has to be a simple way to fix the exploit without just getting rid of the formation. Being able to form a consistent box around your artillery with your musketeers was an extremely nice QoL feature. Now you have to constantly micro groups of your musketeers and have them them yakity sax chase around enemy cav, or just give up using them altogether and body block with hussars and dragoons which also have the advantage of being just as fast. Maybe if the new circle formation cover mode for melee units made them stand their ground I’d consider using melee units to any real extent, but as it is they either move out of position and create gaps while chasing cavalry with their lightning quick 2.5~ speed, or you put them in stand ground and watch them get shredded without any return fire to make up for it. Now not only are melee units still bad (but lets be honest, they kind of should be), but now I’m having a crisis of faith in musketeers.

But also, infantry squares are just such important and iconic formation of the era, how could you possibly get rid of them?

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