Fix cliffside pitmines already!

There are multiple threads in bug-section already.
Some got posted RIGHT AWAY after this broken dlc came out.
Why is there no response from Devs in the threads?
No sign of life?

Almost every goldmine on that map is bugged, you can’t build pitmines with Malians there.
The ones which are not bugged, have extremely limited space for houses and miningcamps, as they are often times up to 80% blocked with cliffs and trees.
Fix it already!
I don’t wanna waste a map veto for that nonsense.

Don’t you have any besta testing or are you just ignoring the bugs Relic?

Such severe, gamebreaking bug has to be fixed in max 2 days, not been ignored for many weeks.

No response?
Any admin/mod/dev here?
Team died?

Come on, this is urgent.
Fix the map please it’s broken and in the ranked pool.