I’ve read posts on reddit, steam, etc of players having similar issues and I CANT for the LIFE of me figure out why I’m getting 2-3 second lag spikes throughout my multiplayer matches.
3700x cpu, 1660ti super gpu, 32gb of ram, m2 ssd, 10g fiber optic connection (only one in my apartment that has it, paid for installation).

It doesn’t matter if I’m on my home server or other servers, **I can even get this during games against AI **
I never had this type of lag on voobly or HD.
So can somebody please help me to solve this garbage lag that randomly happens to me. I don’t get this lag every game, but it loves to come back when I’m playing a ranked 1v1. So…amazing…fantastic gaming experience.

Lastly, my graphic settings aren’t even maxed. I have many fancy settings turned off to maximize gameplay.

I have posted in AOE Discord = No response
Steam official community where others had this issue = No response.

Sorry for my tone, but I can’t understand why I’m getting this lag. Also, when I lag, my opponent says “I’m not lagging…” only me. Only me…

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Yeah, the issue is very frustrating. There are many bug reports, but the devs dont really react, so almost always no response.

I feel like they try to fix things. I must say for me this kind of lag is decreased over the months. On the other side I still hear about lag for players. It is almost always only them, not everyone. The devs really should focus on this issue.