Fix for Tower/Landmark/Wall rush

It seems like so far Relic has been addressing this issue by impacting the overall effectiveness or cost of these structures. While it does make them less effective for rushing it also impacts their viability on defense.
My suggestion is to increase build time or cost based on distance to a town center, making it harder to use as offensive weapons. This could work similar to how some buildings area of effect works so you could chain buildings to expand the area. Would obviously need to figure out a way to apply this to Mongels so they don’t become even more op. Thoughts?

Tower rush is conditional now. Tower rush happens only when you have more troops.
Previously the problem is that some civs have eco advantage too early (mongols) so that strategy works.
Now I can only see tower rush in very few situations:

  1. mongol DRush: this is nerfed already. And so far it is able to deal with given both tower cost and ovoo are nerfed.
  2. Chinese BBQ rush. I think this only works when Chinese v.s. HRE (imagine if they try to tower rush French, and England. No way they can win). I think this is a strategy must be kept since there must be a way to punish not building any tropps.
  3. England feudal tower rush. England is already weakest civs, I won’t say it is op.
    Overall, I think it is quite balanced. Game will be tedious if there is no way for people to attack. For example, why not move RAM to castle age so no one can really rush in Feudal age. That’s not fun.

I’m not a huge fan of getting tower rushed, either, but I agree that tower rushing can definitely be countered with good scouting.

Some of the most memorable and exciting games are when I successfully punished a tower rush against an opponent.