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i know this game is effectively dead but I was very excited about it when I first heard about it but was very let down to find out that some of the best AOE features, like gates, are not in it… is it possible to add those in an update?

Question/suggestion has been posted countless times; Gates are not a part of AoE1 and most likely never will be.

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To the future. may be.

so i waated 20$? great…

Nope see as a investment when will be absndonware. or they release more open version.

how do I request a refund?

Go to your Microsoft Account online and submit a refund request.

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i don’t see the option

I’m looking at the Microsoft Store Terms of Sale and digital apps and games are on the non-refundable list.

However, if you have not played the game for over an hour or two you should be able to receive a refund after contacting Microsoft Store support: