Fix select all idle villager in radius

I think someone has pointed it out, but I would like to report it, because it has been so for a long time, and I must say that it bothers every now and then, I hope the problem is solved in the next updates.

despite the game identifies that the villagers are waiting,
you can not select if you use a hotkey, just by clicking the button to screen, here a video that shows what I mean, when I place the view elsewhere that is not the primary base, you can 'see that without clicking on the screen, I find myself on the villagers who are not working, but when it comes to the villagers who are more in food, does not work, then as shown I click the button and it works, you can 'hear the noise of the hotkey that is pressed.

I discovered another thing, this happens only with the hotkey,

in the first video I had the hotkey Select all idle villager in radius, in the second I showed how changing it with select all idle villager returns to work, when it should work with both, with the difference that Select all idle villager in radius, should not select villager that are somewhere other than your screen, where the camera takes you.