Fix to sound problem [34483]

in device manager under “audio inputs and outputs” it says for both, microphone and speakers: Realtek audio

Under “Sound, vide and game controllers”:

  • Intel Display Audio
  • Realtek Audio
  • Sony:SRS-X3 Hans free AG Audio
  • Sondy:SRS-X3 stereo

Maybe your output accidently got set to the Sony or Intel Display audio output.

While having the game launched press Windows start button and open settings wheel -> system -> audio. There click on advanced audio settings (at bottom of screen) and then you can check if the apps audio output is set to the correct default (Realtek Audio output).

Unfortunately they are as they should be - like on your screenshot.
I have checked at launch - when I still have the sound. The sound disappears the moment I come to the screen where I can choose Single Player, Multiplayer etc… - the settings are still as on your screenshot though

You wrote that you had updated your (Realtek?) audio drivers.

How did you update those?

I just made sure that Windows 10 is up to date - drivers should then also be up to date.
I also checked via device manager

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You have enabled the Microsoft update option below advanced settings in Windows update screen?
It enables additional libraries for updated drivers search.

What you could try is to remove the drivers through control panel and software. Thereafter remove the device including drivers through device management and reboot your system.

It should detect again and reinstall with default settings.

They have released an update today that seems to address the issue you are experiencing. GL.

Solved - just updated, everything back to normal. Thanks

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Sometimes the installation or uninstallation of a program causes the corruption of the advpack.dll, and you start getting the advpack.dll error Windows 10.

Try to re-register the Advpack.dll file or disable the security program as this might be blacking the program and causing the error. Hope this works for you to fix the WINDOWS\system32\advpack.dll error.

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