FIXED - Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - Known Issue with United States Civilization Progress

FIXED - Age of Empires III: DE — Hotfix 27330

This hotfix restores cross-platform MP, along with rectifying the US Civilization progress loss error for most players. If you still run into issues after, please contact support here.


Hello everyone. We are aware of an issue with the United States Civilization in Age of Empires III: DE and have issued a rollback on steam for the time being. Due to this, multiplayer will be temporarily desynced between Windows and Steam while we further investigate this issue.

If you have lost progress on your challenges (Steam only), please try the following steps:

  1. Close Age III: DE and Steam.

  2. Open Steam and check for the rollback update (23511) to install

  3. Open the game again and check US Civ challenge progress.

If that doesn’t work or you’re on Windows Store, head over to [] and submit a support ticket. We will continue to investigate this problem as quickly as possible and appreciate your patience as we work towards a solution. Thank you!

Further updates will be posted on this thread.


when this issue will be fixed plz

Apologies for the delay. We are still working on this and hope to have more information soon.

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No worries guys we believe you will fix this soon. More content after African Expansion please! AoE 3 DE is the best.

Thank you everyone for your continued patience while we work to remedy the US Civ issue for Age of Empires III: DE! Currently, we have found a likely solution and hope to implement it as soon as possible. Once we are able, we will update all of you via our social channels. As always, if you have ANY other problems, please report it to our dedicated team so that we may further assist you! []


Hi all, my progress reset after installing an update on 12th May 2021. I got 15 challenges far, and this is the first reset I have experienced. The game is installed via the xbox app… What is going on with this systematic resetting of progress?

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I have been completing challenges for some time and was over 50% done. Today (12 May) I was going to complete three more but I have lost ALL progress and am now back to the beginning. I really don’t want to have to redo all the challenges. Please fix it!


Me too, I have been starting the game for completing the last quest Hawaii when the update on 12th May clear all my progresses of the usa event.

Went to start another campaign this morning and my previous progress (about 15 missions) is gone. It doesn’t look like there’s been a solution posted to this yet? Really don’t want to replay all of these missions again.

I had 41 mission completed (Montana) The program updated today and after the update I login to find that all the mission are locked and have to be completed again. What gives Microstiff? I think this is how they make everyone have to pay for the United States content.
I have found this hope this will help others.

I am in the same situation. Been reset today from at least 15 challenges completed.

All challenges up to the Mississippi tjst I have completed have been locked back to the start.

What is going on? Why did it lock all of them that I have completed?

I saw someone report the same thing, from what I can tell, it’s a bug that came with the new update.

it seems most players use steam, its taking too long to find a match on xbox live

Our main concern currently is the de-sync between Windows Store and Steam, can’t play with friends as we usually do.

Age of Empires III: DE — Hotfix 27330

This hotfix restores cross-platform MP, along with rectifying the US Civilization progress loss error for most players. If you still run into issues after, please contact support here.


I think I’ve tried to finish first challenge with every update.
I’m currently on 27812 and no luck

Hey there @Turalcar, what happens after you complete the challenge, does it show as completed? Are you restarting the game and it is then no longer there? Any additional details you can provide will help us track this down. Thank you!

Yes, it does. Since one of the updates it gives a drum sound effect and a “You have completed “Delaware” challenge”, there’s a check mark in the United States Challenge UI, and “Pennsylvania” challenge is unlocked.
Exiting the game and starting it again resets it to the state as if nothing has happened.
Also I don’t get any non-default portraits. Neither ones from weekly rewards or those for single-player (I finished all campaigns, historical battles, and art of war challenges at least on bronze). I never cared about this but it could be connected.