[FIXED ON MY OWN] AoE2.net spectate links no longer work after reinstall of the game

EDIT: I managed to fix it! Created a custom aoe2de protocol in the registry editor, leading to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\Tools_Builds\AOEURLHelper.exe
Hey guys, I’m having a weird issue. Ever since I uninstalled and reinstalled AoE2 DE, I cannot open the aoe2de://0/ links, to spectate games on AoE2.net. My computer says that I will have to install another application to open this link. Anyone know how to fix this??


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I have the same issue, when i changed to PUP version and came back on actual version.
Can you be more specific on how you solved it ?

it is still a bug from the current aoe2 DE installer…

I gave some instructions here [RESOLVED] AoE2.net Spectate button no longer working. Someone please help me!!! | AoEZone - The international Age Of Empires community

If you still can’t figure it out feel free to add me on Discord (Tocaraca#7629) and you can screen share so I can walk you through it

Thank you for this link.

anyway, i’m hoping they’ll fix it before the release of the next patch. If they do not, everyone updating the game to the new patch will have the same issue very soon … (and in that case i hope they’ll be quick to fix it)

I think something went wrong in the current installer, because the aoe2de protocol key should be handled…

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