Fixing Deathmatch with those small (Postindustrial) - Balance Changes

Here are my Ideas to fix some Issues DM has. Some are clearly bugs, others are easy to implement balance changes (which only affects DM, so dont worry). It would make some barely used civs more playable and make the balance a lot better and allow for more playstyles.

First off: Postindustrial setting: what is the idea? So the idea with postindustrial setting is, that you have all upgrades researched, except those, which give you an immediate effect or spawn units. In Vanilla AOE 3 those upgrades were mainly the Church Upgrades and the advanced Church upgrades. All Other upgrades are researched. Even Advanced arsenal techs are researched

What does that mean for Native Civilisations and Asian Civs?
Being consistent with the design philosophy would mean more upgrades should be researched.
Some big buttons should be researched from the start (those, that give unit bonuses etc.)
For Japanese and for Chinese: All European Consulate Buildings should have everything researched
(Japanese: Arsenal & Church Techs… And China: Factory, Fort and blockhouse Techs)

Of course this would be a buff to those civilisations, but they are on such a low power lvl in dm, that they need some buffs.

Native civilisations:

In Detail, those techs should be researched:

Founder (Comerce Plaza Big button)

Siege Drill (Siege Workshop big button)
Cooperation (Tribal Marketplace bb)
Secret Society (Commerce Plaza)
Lacrosse (War Hut)
Rawhide Covers (dock)

Hualcana (War Hut)
COCA Cultivation (Estate)

Horsemanship (Farm)
Bonepipe ARmor (Corral)
cooperation (Tribal Marketplaze )
Gun Trade (estate)
Battle Anger (Community Plaza)
War Drums (war hut)
Flaming Arrows (dock)

Gets access to guard pikemen (bug). Either it s researched or it shouldnt be reseachable (techtree doesnt say, that brits have access to guard pikes)

Asian Civs:
Asian Civs are by far the weakest civs in DM. Why? They dont have wonders, dont have export, dont have mercantilism.

Start with 0 Export. Why is this lower than supremacy? 2000 Export start should be good, so you can at least get out some allies/techs.

Russia Buildings still need to be upgraded (Fort, blockhouse, factory) while europeans dont have to upgrade them.

Is on a Meme power level. Maybe if all the arsenal and church upgrades (including mercantilism, so they start with +2000 XP) are researched, then the civ might be interesting to play.

Also the golden pavillion upgrades should be researched from the start

I would love to see those Changes implemented (or even only some). Those are all very little changes, which dont affect supremacy at all and would DM more enjoyable for those, who play it.

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With the latest Patch:
The Swedish Crossbow misses the veteran upgrade in Postindustrial setting