Fixing Delhi Age 2 Landmarks

I had a new idea for Delhi’s Age 2 Landmarks this morning, so I thought I would post.

What frustrates me with Delhi is the early sacred sites being basically mandatory. Delhi have to go for them. Opponents have to stop them. Delhi are good on maps with 3 sacred sites and disadvantaged on maps with fewer (or water maps where they’re hard to get). Sacred sites should be 1 good way to play Delhi, not the only good way to play Delhi. So, I suggest the following:

  1. Sanctity still available in Feudal, but only doubles sacred site gold income. Does not allow early sacred site capture.

  2. Tower of Victory allows capture of sacred sites immediately on reaching Feudal. The attack speed buff applies to all footsoldiers (maybe also ships) that pass through the influence of the Tower, OR a Mosque OR Madrassa - not just Tower (current design, which is problematic because later in game, or anytime you want to make forward production buildings, it gets impractical to get units to the landmark). Footsoldiers can build Mosques (helps make sure there is the opportunity to get forward units influenced).

  3. Dome of Faith is now mutually exclusive with Feudal age sacred site capture, and therefore needs an additional buff. Whatever is done needs to apply to Feudal only, since the double sacred site gold will come back into play in Castle, and Delhi are already quite strong in Castle. My suggestion: all Dark Age and Feudal Age economic and religious technologies are researched instantly (still need the buildings). That way the economic advantage of getting those techs free comes in faster to compensate for no sacred site access, but it’s not an additional buff that scales into Castle being any stronger than before.

I considered a Feudal age military technology research time reduction for Dome of Faith, (% up for debate, but I think instant is too powerful). I’m really not sure any military research boost is needed, but here’s my thought process: in addition to the gold income, playing for Feudal sacred sites also distracts opponents from pressuring Delhi’s base directly. With that off the table, Delhi may need more than just the instant eco and religious techs to not collapse under Feudal military pressure (every other civ has better Feudal military units). Faster military techs would help.

Of course it may not be necessary. Getting instant free professional scouts may be strong enough to serve that distraction function. Or maybe just the gather rate eco techs coming in instantly, along with the scholar techs (having access to heals from less vulnerable schloars), is enough to balance that out in combination with efficient production.