Fixing treaty balance

If you dont play it is fine but dont come here to be toxic.
In treaty, players can use the full potential of the civ. Also in 5min you cant build a base, age up to imperial, train all your villagers and train an army. In treaty you have to know how to balance economy and military to not get drained.

Most supremacy players dont know how to fight in treaty


I once accidently Q’ed a treaty game. I lived to regret it so perhaps you are right

Because a large part of the challenge of treaty is booming as efficiently as possible. Which is why better players get higher scores at 40 mins, because they are better at booming and managing the economy, and not just the fighting side of the game.

Such true words !

Just because a supremacy takes less time its more popular.

But the Full-fledged extent of the game exists in treaty mode. and in DE IMO people are playing more of treaty games than in legacy.

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church card balancing

german church card changes 10% hp tp all units and 15% seepd with +10% cost for just dopples (10% all militry was so stupid )

france - church tech remove builoding cost increase (50% was too stupiud ) and it will open more strategy for france as their age 2 card choices are so jammpacked , its hard to choose church card over any other card right now

russian church tech give aditional 15% seige resistance to troops along with upgrade . russian troops due to low hp , are super suceptible to artilary demage , they cant even tank a single shot . from almost all artilary , not like other civs where trops can tank better . russia from all civ need seige resistance ( giving seige resistance to neafthaliya was stupid)

ottoman church card give no benifit but extra troops , may be add some age 4 tech in church card that can fix their late game .

map fixation -

along with inifnite wood mango grove/haceinda make players start with 10k gold mine and a large starting hunt , so map resourse balance dont screw up treaty game play ,

many maps has resourses condenced in certaian location that make spawn location decide ur boom.

also either make all natives be same or they should be on equal location from both teams .

lastly either make sure no team get accses to trade route or both have .

Wrong, ottoman church increases training speed for jans.

10k start gold mine is boring as hell.

Because the treaty allows civilization to progressively evolve.

As you progress, you gain experience and take metropolis cards that improve the economy and reserve the military upgrade cards for when you have used up all the economic cards. Starting in imperial would nullify all of this. And also for civilizations that advance of age with wonders / states / alliances they would lose all these benefits if they started in imperial.

If you reach the imperial age before 20 minutes you are doing things well (in case of being NR 40).

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I’m going to suggest something bold here.

Radically changing fulling mills just like how spanish gold was radically changed.

Fulling is treatment of wool basically cleaning it and making it useful as a product and nothing at all to do with food, make it so that Sheep goats and Lamas (BUT NOT COWS) also grant coin or wood when harvested in addition to food. Sheep and Goats have wool and so do alpaca (a breed of lama).

Also generally make livestock more accessable; lower cost of livestock pen maybe enable cows by default in fortress age and make ranching increase gathering speed.