FL got buffed

Actually, the Fire Lancers got a buff xD
Increased HP to 155-180 (castle-imp)
Reduced torch damage to 36-40 (castle-imp).
Still, a very viable landmark sniping unit xD


Making a unit worthless is far worse than making it less-OP.


Well, from tomorrow on I will be back to business.
Sniping landmarks is easier now.

Lol nope.
No more bonus vs ranged, higher cost, they no longer do full damage to all surrounding units when charging and they have lower torch damage. The only thing they gained was a slight hp buff. Seems like a fair trade off for me. Overall these were some good changes as they will no longer delete a full army with a single charge.


40 extra food is nothing difficult xD
And I don’t care about enemy units anymore because my Fire Lancers are tankier now. So I will just rush and snipe landmarks xD

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Please do live streams for me to learn how to play China in case I want to play them when times get too tough for my Delhifants.


Tbf only time they deleted whole army was when opponent was completely stacked up. They will still delete the army if ppl cluster their units as big chunk.

It really does compound now, and I think people have wised up enough to the landmark strat and hopefully the small decrease in torch damage will be enough to give you time to respond appropriately now.

I feel like this was a test nerf, as they didn’t wanna do too much too quickly. I feel the torch damage may be nerfed again if landmark sniping continues to be a problem.

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I promise you that it is still a problem. I see it as a buff. 20 FL will deal 700-800 torch.
With animation cancel it will take 9 seconds maximum to take down one landmark and so on xD
They need to fix the animation cancelation.

I wasn’t even aware FL could animation cancel but I absolutely agree that should be fixed asap

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Every melee unit can, even villagers believe it or not.

Yeah, but it won’t delet armored units such as knights and MAA so easily now

Im sorry they cost like 25% more resources and lost 15 torch damage in exchange for 20 hp and thats a buff to landmark sniping?

Idk what you are on, but fire lancers are probably not a viable unit anymore.

Sure 20 fire lancers will do 800 torch damage (though many things and civs get 5 torch armor), but before for the same cost you would have more than 25 fire lancers which would be 1375 torch damage.

Effectively it will take fire lancers about 50% longer to landmark snipe (maybe longer)

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Fire Lancers used to do 55 Torch Damage, so with 5 fire armor they’d do 50 damage per hit against an enemy Landmark. Now they will do 40 damage minus 5, so 35 damage per hit. Its about a 30% DPS reduction. I’ll take it


MAA has 180 HP then with 50 FL I can get almost every charge to hit easily. Was it 23 per charge after patch? Its 1150 DMG and then 50% from that its 575. Plenty of dmg to insta kill whole army of MAA. And that doesnt even count the fact that multiple FL’s gonna hit same target and split it between.

I had an duel with chinese vs chinese we both went FL. I demolished him with losing like 15-20 of my FL number while he lost everything. Something like 70FL. All was because I just sent 5-8FL forward to soak the splash dmg and then just main force with charge.

This same applies to every unit. Just sent few of them forward to trigger the charge because charge is always gonna hit the first target on their path so its super easy to get rid off the charge dmg.

That is an interesting tactic. I will defo try that one.

Lol someone listened my advice. When I try to tell ppl how to fight against FL they just “blablabalbalbla u only play china blabalbalbalbablalbal try it with this civ blablabla and nothing works against FL” xD

But give it a shot. Remember to sent enough units to stop the whole row. One is not enough but like 5-10 is good enough and it can swing the fight for you

I mean now you can just build 10 spears since all civs spears will now stop the fire lancers charge.

100 villagers can also kill FL. If you get outnumbered heavily then 10 spears wont save you.

You need proper amount against FL. Ofc if FL number is low then sure but when it reaches critical mass then you need also critical mass of spears to counter them and preferably use split formation to avoid unnecessary splash dmg.

Right, I just meant mxing that into your army. 10 spears in your formation of 80 MAA means that pretty much none of your MAA takes any splash damage (since the spears outrange and cancel the charge)