Flare signals are heard and sen by the enemy team

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  • *GAME BUILD #: nowadays
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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all flare signals without exception on conditions are heard and seen by the enemy

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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send a flare signal and the other(s) player will know what signal you sent

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flare signals are invisible to other players.

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Hello @matazombis4087, is this issue still happening after the recent patch?

it happens when the chat is on ALL, player 1 and enemies

on every 1vs1 match happens because is on all by default and the other options are player 1 or enemies.

on multiplayer games the enemies dont see flare because the default chat is in allies and not in ALL. But some people after clicking on ALL to say a message to the enemies for asking if match can be resumed after a pause, forget to click on allies chat again. And then the enemy see flares.

its not bugged then, its just that in some multiplayer games happens because players forgot to set chat on ALLIES after chatting on ALL to ask to resume a paused game

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Hi @matazombis4087 !

It seems that this feature is by design. Thanks anyway for your report!

at least let know people that tehy will send signals to enemy if they left the chat on ALL

Why are you flaring in a 1v1? lol

it happens on team games
i tested in 1 vs 1 because its easier