Flavor Cards That Should Be Added To Vanilla Civs

some flavor age 4 cards that would be nice to have or reworked for roleplaying/thematic purposes.


El Dorado: 2000 food, ships 12 lancers, 12 rodeleros and gives them a 2x bonus vs buildings, enemy buildings and economy units now also give gold with their bounty.

Habsburg Legacy: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of unique units from civs ruled by the habsurgs. they auto upgrade.

New World Ties: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of new world natives and outlaws/pirates. they auto upgrade.


Basilisks And Serpentines: 2000 food, ships 2 heavy cannon and 4 culverins. culverins fire twice as fast but have smaller bonus vs artillery, and deal bonus damage to mercenaries and heroes.

Aventuros: 2000 food, ships 15 guard pikemen, 20 guard halberds, and an explorer. they now have a new armored model, gain a charge ability, and deal 1 aoe on thier melee attack.

Nanban Intervention: 2000 food, ships a japanese consulate with unique techs, a unique Dayimo and a random assortment of japanese units and mercenaries. Dayimo can be retrained at consulate.


Green Jackets: 2000 food, ships 24 green jackets and enables them to be trained. a skirmisher with no animation delay and 1.5 rof.

Armstrong Guns: 2000 food, ships 4 Armstrong Guns and enables them in the factory. rapid fire, slow moving cannons with different ammunition.

Sun Never Sets: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of appropriate Natives, Haudenese, and Indian units. they auto upgrade.


Revolutionary Fervor: 2000 food, ships a town center. courier des boise now train twice as fast for free. attack increased, siege damage and bonus vs villagers dramatically increased.

Infinite Native Friendship: 2000 food, ships natives from a random new world native culture not shipped before and enables their upgrades in the embassy. if run out of new natives ships a larger amount of units from 2 random natives and enables a small amount of them to be retrained.

Star Fort: 2000 food, ships 2 massive powerful forts with unique models and multiple attacks. can be rebuilt by a wagon from the town center.


Polish Winged Hussars: 2000 food, ships 12 unique polish hussars with a charged lance attack. can call 5 of them every 2 minutes in town centers, towers and forts for 1500 food.

Windbusche: 2000 food, ships 30 skirmishers with increased damage the closer they are to the target.

Foot Guard: 2000 food, ships a fort wagon and 24 Foot Guards, powerful musketeers with a charged grenade attack with no animation delay. enables them to be trained from forts.


Blue Guard: 2000 food, ships 36 rg musketeers and enables them to be trained from barracks.

Line Tactics: 2000 food, ships 36 halberdiers. they are 25% cheaper and gain 20% ranged resistance. they can also build military buildings and fortifications very quickly.

Scots And Not: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of Swedish, hre, and spanish units and mercenaries. they auto upgrade. Highlanders and Harquebusiers quickly trainable from barracks/stables.


Tsar Cannon: 2000 food, ships 4 unique Tsar Cannons and enables them in the factory. slow rof, high damage, high hp aoe beasts.

Shrapnel Grenade Launchers: 2000 food, ships 18 guard grenadiers. they now have increased range and a 1.5 rof with instant snaring projectiles and a bonus vs infantry but half the base damage and smaller aoe.

Frontier Conscription: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of bears as well as Armenian, Greek, Polish, Chinese, Tatar and Siberian units and mercenaries. they auto upgrade.


Siege Engineers: 2000 food, ships an explorer, 2 bombards and 4 falconets. explorers gain 80% siege resistance and an aura that increases the damage of falconets and bombards, as well as an active that further boosts their range, rof and bonus vs buildings.

Trench Guns: 2000 food, ships 26 janissaries. janissaries, grenadiers and abus guns now have increased range and deal 25% bonus damage vs infantry.

Protectorates: 2000 food, ships a random assortment of Indian, African, Arab, Central Asian and Eastern European units and mercenaries. they auto upgrade.

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eh, surely this makes more sense for a potential Polish civ no?

that has too high of a potential to break the game

first they steal my land, now they steal my ideas, bloody Germans :stuck_out_tongue:

i think pretty much no matter what these units would break the game.

way too strong of a unit, even if their other stats are garbage

i actually think this 1 is pretty interesting card, maybe a little expensive but eh, also id remove the “can be retrained”, it would be cooler as a 1 time send.

i think generally speaking a lot of these cards will likely erode the uniqueness of a lot of these factions, not all of them are that bad but i dont think every faction needs new units they can train just by sending cards.

it wouldn’t preclude them from being added later on, rather it would be a nice sneak peek.

i think this is a complement? ill take it as such, wanted to get that prussian grenadier feel from this picture: Hohenfriedeberg_-Attack_of_Prussian_Infantry-_1745.jpg (723Ă—351) (wikimedia.org)

likely true, its just some quick ideas for cards that id like to see implemented for role playing purposes. ill tone them down in the suggestion but I don’t expect them to be implemented as is, if at all. we still don’t have a working match history or friends list after all.

just felt bad about giving the Spanish 2 random shipments and wanted to give them something more. but I agree being retrainable does town down the special feel about the shipment.

that’s a valid point of view. I don’t totally agree as they are one time shipments that other factions can already do, whether through the consulate as Asian civs or renegade shipments as the native Americans.

I wanted to capture that global feel of the civs and thier connections with certain parts of the world, and doing that through a 1 time super expensive age 4 shipment would probably have less of a balance impact.

as for other cards enabling unique retrainable units I think if kept at a reasonable power level and locked behind age 4 it again would have less of a balance impact and make them more appealing for players wanting to have some casual fun, overall adding to the game rather than subtracting from it. if nothing else they can be locked behind an age 5 requirement.

after all I also want revolutions to be able to go the imperial age and that also has very little impact on supremacy balance while doing wonders for role playing.

but it would hurt treaty balance a lot.

Well, difficult to balance, but certainly good ideas.
As an Ottoman player, I really like what I read.

I would like other cards more focused on economics for civilizations that in the treated mode are not as efficient in this aspect.

It also includes Asian and American civilizations.