Flemish Militia only transform male Villagers?

Should Flemish Militia tech only transform male villagers into the units? It may be somewhat sexist. But by a gameplay stand point and as a historical context it makes sense. Men were used as cannon fodder for most of human history. Many of these men would be forcibly conscripted into the army. If they refuse to do this service they could perhaps face the death penalty for under charge of treason.

I seriously doubt Burgundians had a strong feminist movement during this time in history to say otherwise.

A million men could die pointlessly fighting on the front lines. But if a million women die, the nation is now much weaker without the ability to replace its losses for the next generation to die in war. Gameplay wise, this won’t stop them from having their economy totally broken as well.


Gameplay wise I could see this. Half the villagers converted, more or less across all resources, with even some minor ability to separate the two halves beforehand. (Although we might need a way to shift select only male or female villagers to make this control anywhere near good.)

Thematically, just looking at where the game was 20 years ago and where the general ideas about society have gone in the meantime I don’t really feel it. I don’t think the game in its original or current state tramples across any modern sensitivities, and if this had been a part of the original game I probably wouldn’t argue for changing it now, precisely on the basis that it is at least to a large degree historically accurate. But to introduce it now? To make a late 90’s game “more sexist” (for lack of a more neutral term) in 2021? I don’t know…

Yes I believe it should.
Very uncommon for women to be in military and still I’d be rubbish in army today cause I’d never shoot one :joy:

I suppose sending women to fight out of desperation fits the “theme” of the tech if anything. And this tech has enough problems already we don’t need to add more convolutions to it 11

Do I need to explain why having roughly 60 vills left is so, so much better than 0?


this is a nerf or buff for burgundians ?

The problem is that there is a model for the female flemish

Well, it isn’t very different from the male militia so it’s not too bad. In an ideal world where the tech is less gimmicky, you could have the tech merely unlock the unit at the TC, and you could have the majority of flemish militias be male, but have a small chance to produce female ones, as an easter egg and /or to represent the fact women would participate in town defense if necessary.

It could easily be only used in scenarios only. Simple.

well we cant use historical accuracy since the game has very little of that when it comes to balance being the over riding factor, now if we consider it from a balance pov, it makes it very rng dependent on how many militia you actually get, what it will do is either A. falsely reward someone based on rng by giving them more militia or B. actively encourage players to use expendable vils based on gender

is that really something you think the devs will support?

there are other ways of reducing the number of militia created besides creating an extremely controversial mechanic

Just change the UT, make FM available from either barracks or TC (not both) and give their infantry a minor bonus like +1/1 armor

Never liked the revolutions on age 3 so I’m not fan of this tech niether