Flemish Militia

So what happens to villagers? Does that mean your economy is totally broken when you research this tech? All your lumberjacks and farmers, miners be gone?

I’m sorry, but that seems really dumb. And what about making new villagers? Do they all turn into Flemish Militia upon creation?

Replaced with Flemish Militia. If you want your economy back, just train more Vills.
Flemish Revolution is a Panic Button, not something you want to do.

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What if the game is set to starts Post IMP? Will your three starting villagers be Flemish Militia?


Obviously not.
It does not upgrade Villagers into Flemish Militia, onbly whatever Villagers you have when you research it.

In post-Imp, it will simply not have any effect.


Will they speak Dutch from AOE3?

Not likely. They will probably speak flemish.

If they use Dutch for the villagers who revolt to South Africa in AOE3, instead of Afrikaans, I think it’d be pretty much the same language between Flemish & Dutch. This would be especially so for basic commands and battle cries.

Dutch and Flemish are the same language.

i think it will be just like spies

Medieval Flemish is different from Early Modern Dutch, like you have in AoE3.

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think it of as in aoe 3 revolt where villagers are replaced by revolutionaries