Flemish Revolution DoI rework

So this rework is inspired by the Ratha mechanic introduced in the Dynasties of India expansion.

Firstly, Supremacy scrapped and replaced by something else.

Flemish Revolution: Provides +40 HP, +3/+3 armor to all villagers. The “villager” unit gets an additional +6 attack (because this is the only one which actually fights enemy units, doing this also ensures that Hunters and Lumberjacks do not get the attack boost). Enables all villagers to “switch weapon” to become Flemish Militia. The cost of the tech is also lowered.

Flemish Militia stats: Flemish Militia share the stats with villagers. They are basically villagers which have an auto-attack option. So 9 attack, 3+1/3+2 armor, 80 HP, small attack bonus vs buildings (not Standard Buildings), enhanced by Sappers. Base movement speed 0.8, enhanced by Wheelbarrow and Hand Cart. Flemish Militia also have the option to “switch weapon” to become normal villagers.

Additional notes:

  1. Should Flemish Militia naturally (before Flem Rev) have the button to transform to Villagers?

  2. Should villagers and consequently Flemish Militia have an attack bonus vs Cavalry, Camels or Elephants?

  3. Should Flemish Militia show up in idle villagers or idle military?

  4. There should be an option to train Flemish Militia directly from the TC after Flem Rev too. Same stats (25 sec creation) and same transform mechanic (back to villagers after work is done).

  5. All Flemish Militia (directly created or transformed from villagers) show up in Spies.

  6. Can this also be used for booming? Like enabling Flemish Militia to be trained at other buildings, say Castle, so that the player can train “villagers” from TCs as well as Castles? This can be made use of since Conscription makes these buildings work 33% faster too.

Good god no rhis is worse. You can switch from eco to absurd army or just anti raid defense and back again.

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The current FM have 12 to 16 attack, while being slightly faster though. These have only 9 attack, with no attack bonus vs Cavalry as of now.

Just nerf the FM attacj and make them tankier.

I appreciate the effort but I really think the main point of reworking flemish is to get rid of the insta 100+ military mechanic. Make them trainable from tcs, give them good stats, really do whatever you can come up with just disable that snowball mechanic because sometimes there isn’t any counter play you can execute. Flemish is far from an auto win but oftentimes if you are already ahead as burgundians your chances of winning goes from good to guaranteed and this needs to be changed.


You went too far brother, overthinking.

You approached this Flemish crisis too conservatively, this whole idea is clownery and has no place in AOE, there’s no need for tweaks and minor reworks. It needs to be replaced completely.

However, it’ll never be redesigned, developers almost never bail on poor ideas. Sadly, Burgundians are here to stay.

settle down bro you’re over the top rn


I’m sorry if I had there too much exposure to reality, I’ll try to moderate it next time with some more gentle ideas.

Burgundians are here to stay, which is true, and it’s good. No matter how much you may hate them, they are a fun civ for a lot of people to play, myself included. The first part though is just blatantly false. Burning oil, the monk UTs, Obsidian Arrows, the list goes on. There is a reasonable record of the devs changing bad UTs, so this statement is pretty exaggerative, as per usual.