Flemish Revolution 'Garrisoned Vills Only' idea

I just watched both Viper and Hera complain about Flemmish Revolution. When even the winning player is complaining it’s time for things to change no? My Suggestion:

Flemish Revolution: All Garrisioned Villagers become Flemish Militia.

It takes a little more micro to pull off
You are capped on the number of vills you can change
You don’t lose your entire eco
Thematically the villages will storm the castles

I think it will be way less powerful yes, but with now continuing eco behind it it will be less ‘All In’. If you’re going for this tech having 5 TCs and 2 castles gives you 65 instant Flemish Militia, but even 3 TC 1 castle is 35 FM so I think the tech becomes much more flexible.

The thing I’m not sure about is how to adjust the cost of it. Any suggestions?

What do you think?

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Horrible change, it would be even more OP than it actually is since you can choose how many villager to convert, and possibly convert all just as it is now if you think it’s the case. You don’t even need to micro since you can just ring the bell and ungarrison all with a set way point later


hmm, would you have space for all those villagers?

200 villager wouldn’t really be viable (or if you think it is, can you let me know how?). Lets assume 120 villagers. I think a reasonable suggestion for garrisoning this many vills is 4 castles and 8 TCs.

I still think that’s quite a large ask… you’d have to be really far ahead to make this many castles and TCs. In which case doing Flemish Revolution wouldn’t really be changing the outcome of an even game. It’s more just memeing for the sake of it.

Regarding the Town bell, I think that would be an easy way to garrison villagers. That’s true. However it would also make a lot of vills that can’t fit inside the TC maybe? That then don’t become Militia

You always have 8-9 TCs and at least 1 castle when you go for flemish revolution, you need them to reboom later. That means already 140-155 garrison space at least, which is enough if you go for the tech early imp. If you need more, it’s not expensive to spam few additional TCs when you have 200 vills, they help rebooming aswell so it’s a worthy investment aswell.

But it’s a non issue, if you have 150-200 vills it would be way more powerful to keep 50-60 villagers to farming and ease the reboom rather than being forced to converting everything, 80-120 FM with few trebs are more than enough to at least gain full map control, mess up opponent eco and maybe even finish the game right away.

The tech is just stupid, it has to be completely changed in a way that there are no instant villager conversions in order to being somewhat balanced.


For the record I’m fine with you not liking my suggestion. I’m just curious about your maths.

9 TCs + 1 Castle = (9x5)+ 20 = 65 garrison space.

So for 120 vills as I suggested 4 castles 8 TCs would work, but that really is a tonne of stone time, let alone space. I think it would be incredibly tough to garrison 80-120 villagers.

TC can garrison 15 pop

damn ofc, sorry in my head I’m think 5 because that’s the pop space if gives you. But yeah melted brain day. Thanks


The tech just needs to be removed I can’t play arena since last patch cos the map is broken with Burgundians revolution. If you happen to be on the side opposing Burgundian side you lose every time. At higher Elo TG you literily need one player in each team to go Burgundians. If you don’t you have very little chance of winning. At least on open map you can try hurt Burgundians early, on arena rn it’s a shitshow

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I liked what viper suggested about making the Fmilitia be able to produce from houses after researching the tech rather than make all vills Fmilitia.

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Maybe we could add a new civ that can produce units from houses or research techs in them.

My Idea was that Revolution only converts farmers. So the tactics of fimp into Revolution is doomed cause you can’t have 100 farmers with that.
But if you want to close a game you already won, you can easily just make a farm with every vill and then click it.

I think this would be the easiest solution.

This idea will just delay the Flemish revolution timing its still broken though

That will be easy to circumvent still. Grab a bunch of vills, task to farms, send them elsewhere, grab next bunch, send to farms

Real problem is that the Burgundian eco is just way too good now lol. So the FR being that good is just the symptom of that. Quick fix would be just to make FR more expensive so that it comes in later.

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Yeah my original idea was actually to only convert “working” farmers, so it can’t be exploited like this.
I just didn’t wanted to repeat this here.

Ofc FR could be made more expensive, but then it loses it’s defensive application.

Why not have it convert all villagers by .75 rounded up into flemish mallita. Its a nerf that still leaves the tech strong. Instead of 200 max you would get 150. Its a significant change and still allows you to swarm if your opponent is dumb.

Instead of converting garrisoned villagers and thus having to garrison before and allowing the player to select how many villagers will be transformed, i would propose this:

Upon researching the tech, TCs ring the bell. Villagers that garrison in buildings after that are transformed

This way at least the villagers that are far far away from buildings are not affected.


I like this, possible addition they spend X amount of time in the TC too. Thus increasing the cost of it all with idle time

Just swap the spearman-line with Flemish Militia, make a new tech, eg charge attack increased and also avaiable for all cav.