[Fluff][Poll] How excited are you for AOE4?

1 for not excited at all, 10 for extremely excited.

Excitment Level
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I want to play it and buy DLC.

But I don’t even have a PC that can run the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Most excited Although the Beta wait did dull IT a Bit. E3 is in 2 weeks though so cant wait again^^


Same, I really want to play the beta and test the game. But at the same time my excitement is dulled down by the lack of communication about the beta date. Picked 10 anyways :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Soon the e3 we will have news. Hype.:slight_smile:


Super excited. On one hand it’s nothing like how I personally would have approached an AoE sequel; on the other hand it is so incredibly clear that they are going to great lengths to make a proper AoE sequel and not simply using the IP for a pseudosequel. I can ask for nothing more and I’m very curious to see what Relic can come up with. Thumbs up.


I was skeptical about this game at first, but saw something cool about it - like AoE 2 with AoE 3 graphics.

Hope the developers have nice ideas for this game. May this game receive new civs and campaigns, but:
let the creators focus on the regions, i.e. HRE instead of Germans, this way you can eliminate the problem of the lack of representation of some civ. AoE 2 has a nasty problem with it.

I would suggest 10 civs from each continent: Europe, Asia & Oceania, Africa, America.

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Im as excited as one can possibly be. I hope I get to play the beta.