Flying Crow suggestions

Currently the Flying Crow is China’s only anti-inft/mass artillery. However its immobility and slow speed means it is very hard to have any tactical or main use in an army.

You might have watched some tournament plays where it looks like a pro player is leaving them unprotected and throwing them away - but i think what is happening is because its movement is so slow - if you accidently drag mouse and include into a formation it will put the whole army formation to an almost slow-motion like stop.

Could the Flying Crow’s Limber speed be increased from to 3.5 from 3 and bombard speed increased from 1.2 to 1.6? its damage can be reduced from 190 to 160/150 and production time decreased from a long 2.4 minutes to 2 minutes.

The hand-mortar is decent but ever trying to micro 3 sets of hand mortars within a group of 12 mortars vs 4 falconets is already a nightmare. China already struggles vs anti-Cav apart from one-time shipments which is fine - but i dont think it needs to struggle against artillery and lack strong anti-mass artillery as well.


I prefer the production team to change the flying crow into a red cannon(hong yi pao), which is more in line with history. Although the flying crow has also been used in war, it is not an effective weapon of war。


yes, and Flying Crow was a weapon used more than 1500 years ago, as well as Chukou crossbow. Obviously in the time of AoE3 they were not used anymore…besides a real Flying Crow was much lighter and portable. it didn’t require two man to push it

yes, and Falconet was always used in history, so i wonder why Ensemble studios designed to replace them by flying crows, which was used 1500 years ago and more like antique rather than a weapon


a lot of the chinese civ is unnecessarily archaic. their ultimate unit is literally a crossbow

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Flying Crows aren’t nearly that old, gunpowder rockets weren’t used until the mid-1200s. Flying Crows are from the Fire Dragon Manual which has editions printed in the late Ming dynasty well within the game’s time period.

Chu ko nu are a very old weapon, but their use did continue until the late Qing dynasty so they are also not out of place in the game.

I wish all the Asian civs would have gotten proper cannons, but these more archaic units were also still around. What doesn’t fit at all is the Flamethrower which was only used by the Song Dynasty as far as I’m aware.

That is to add new Asian mercenaries, so that it will not affect the existing units. For example, make hongyigpao the mercenary card of all Asian civs, I think it may be very good

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Hongyipao only makes sense for China and Korea. India and Japan should have their own style of cannons. If you wanted to be accurate, Hongyipao should just replace Flamethrowers.

The reliance on the export/consulate system to get European cannons for the Asians is really what’s hampering them the most. It only kind of works for Japan with their historically restricted European relations and isolationism and even then it could have been done better.

Instead of a European reliance, China should have a tributary system with vassals such as Vietnam, Korea, and Ryukyu as options to get support from.

India shouldn’t have the system at all and should be more similar to the Ottomans with their robust artillery options instead of east Asian civs like China or Japan.


Your ideas and suggestions are indeed very correct, but the production team may not change things that are too complicated. That’s a pity. Do you continue to add to the changes in the consulates in Asia, such as Chinese alliances, Vietnam and South Korea and other specific technologies and units? thanks

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You’re probably right that it’s too entrenched to change.

A tributary system would probably work best as something similar to the African alliance age ups. But then you’ve got to deal with what to do about the wonders age ups so I don’t see that happening outside a totally new game being made.

I think the best you could hope for is something akin to the Japanese Isolation option. One of the consulate options for China could be Cefeng System and that could give you the option to get units and techs from a variety of tributary states (Korean Hwacha, Ryukyu Samurai, Dzungar cavalry, etc).


oh yea… my mistake, flying crows were not that old, but the earliest prototype was recorded in “Wujing Zongyao” of Song Dynasty which was about 1000 years ago. and as you said, by the end of Ming Dynasty they were still used and ameliorated. As for Chukou crossbow, i don’t know much about them. the producing method of a real Chukounu seemed already forgotten. the ones people had been using until late Qing Dynasty were just continuous-firing crossbows like Chukounu was.