Fog of War could need some updating

No, that’s not what it means.


I think this is a reasonable thing to notice and to bring attention to it from the devs. I do feel like you’re making it seem like a larger issue than it really is. I would be nice to see it be smooth. But I am not sure if this is priority at the moment unless it’s something easy that one guy can do. Just don’t expect to see it change any time soon. At least not until they have fine-tuned a lot of the core gameplay and added another 2-4 civs. Tbh, I think adding 2 or 4 more civs is #1 priority. I can’t go from playing AoE2 and AoE3 to playing basically a better version of Starcraft with such limited ways to play. Once they have 2-4 more civs, I think that’s when the civ adding should be paused and then that team focused on everything else until the game is in a really great place to where it’s okay to start looking at new civs again.

No worries, I wasn’t implying that it is important per say.

But, do remember that it is something that covers much of your screen. Say you make a game fully in the ocean; surely it doesn’t hurt to make said ocean look decent. That development cost more than pays for itself due to the abundance of water.

Of course this is something we are all used to and somewhat meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I just think it is something that would be nice to have and hopefully they’ll look into it at some point like you said.

Well, as far as I know, AoE4 has some form of true sight. AoE3 did not have that. It’s what I thought that was making the difference in how it handles.

true sight makes it so line of sight gets cut by forests or looking uphill blocking your view while looking down of hill you gain about a tile, thing is, none of that prevents less jaring unveiling of tiles, its just a matter of having a much denser grid for some things over the others