Fog, White Filter... GPU Error

Hello Guys, Im having this issue, I dont know what happens.

This is how I see the game I dont know why!

Im playing with a

Ryzen 5 2400G.

Please help.!

which graphics settings do you use? And which version? I am playing the Xbox(PC) version on a 1050
Ti + i7-7700HQ and no issues at all.

Im playing with Ultra Settings and the Default Windows Settings for AMD GPU.

It seems the problem is in-game, since the UI is clear enough. Open the advanced graphic settings and try to lower or disable bloom and play around with gamma. Or just change the preset to low and check if it goes away and then increase step by step back to Ultra, keep open the advanced settings so you can see exactly what’s changing.

Thanks for your time to reply…

I try everything to see whats going on… Looks like its me, i dont know :cry:

The problem is fixed! It was my mistake, the problem was the Gamma!

The real problem was on the default settings of the games, the gamma settings was maxout… Really weird, but now I can play!