Foliage in High is poorly optimized?

I was analyzing all the graphics settings of the game, shadows, shaders, ssao, etc, and not all of them together impact as much on performance as does the foliage in high, is this normal that it is very demanding or is it poorly optimized? Apparently this makes me lose up to 30 fps.


I just realized that by lowering the foliage graphic setting from high to medium I get almost 40 additional fps, is this normal?
Not even with all the other settings like shadows, ssao etc at the same time disabling them I see so much impact on performance

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Like any game, optimize your settings. Turn down vegetation.

On those games with 60fps at 1920 x 1080, I doubt you’re running full maxed out with a 1060 so be realistic.

Be realistic and optimize your settings for your computer.

I just reduced the foliage and got from 55 to 100 fps. How is it possible that a graphic setting consumes so much?


The foliage, improves also grass, adding to the Trees, I believe. Check in a snowy environment