Folwark Range Indicator doesn't work on hills

:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • GAME BUILD #: 51737
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

The “Bonus Range Indicator” for the gathering bonus of the new Folwark does not take elevation changes into account. So it displayed a wrong range if you build your Folwark into a hilly landscape.

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE

  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

  1. Build your Folwark on hilly ground.

:arrow_forward: EXPECTED RESULT

The “Bonus Range Indicator” should work like the ingame range indicator for castles etc.
In the Image below one can see the behavior of the caste range indicator and the Folwark “Bonus Range Indicator”, which just hovers straigt above the elevation changes.

:arrow_forward: IMAGE