Fondest Moment of an RTS

Attempting a different tone from some of the more recent forum posts.

What have been some of the fondest moments from RTS players that have stuck with you?

Was it the anticipation of a new launch, mastering a set build order, a sneaky win in an event?

For myself in attempt to push my mechanics of StarCraft i found a Canadian Community with dedicated practice days, as an Australian the practice times were all over the place but the sense of community was excellent. There was alot of pride from taking someone that was new to the game and watching them work hard to hit there ranked milestones of getting out of bronze, silver ect.


AoE3, me and my friends were playing a 3v3 Regicide match with each other.
We were loosing terribly, I had already evacuated the large island, my friend’s town was being destroyed. In a last ditch effort to survive I got a ship to the shoreline and told him to run his daymio for it.
I bought spies and verbally guided him to my transport while the rest of my friends furiously tired to hunt him down as he ran across the entire island with his daymio.
We whooped so loud when he made it to the ship that we woke everyone in the house up.

Also discovering SC2, following the pro scene, and learning how to improve my play was incredible fun and rewarding.


I defenently have a really recent fond moment of og aoe3(sadly even though i 100% have other fond moments too i don’t really remember them xD)Me and my friends were doing a 3v3 and we started to lose since they raided me and one of my friends really early so we lost most of our economy.My other friend who was the only one that still had an economy (he was age 3 when the raids happened) survived and helped us rebuild and we did a massive assault and beat the others players.It was such an epic comeback.Though i guess another moment that i remember clearly is me breaking my og aoe1 cd from cereal that i got and being really sad about it and 5 years later getting aoe1 de such a good feeling xD(still feel sad for losing such an important piece of history though)

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I used to lug my PC over to my friend’s house for LAN parties where we’d split the up and downstairs between teams of three in AoE2 & Mytho. There were a lot of epic comebacks and fun moments. But I still remember the time one of my friend’s younger brother was sent over to the our team’s room as a spy to try to scope out what we were doing. We called for an all out attack on his base since he was AFK and he went sprinting and tumbling back to his mouse and keyboard. The tactics IRL were just as competitive as in-game. XD

Some of the best memories in my childhood involved playing RTS games with friends.
We’d hangout every Saturday but only one of my friends had a PC.
So we’d have to take turns playing AoE scenarios good times. :smiley:

Yes the all night LAN parties were such a blast!

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Haha this is classic, can’t patch out irl map hackers lol
I hope he got what he deserved, breaking the sacred rules of the land party

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lmao why they cant patch it :frowning:

Two memories, both AoE2. :slight_smile: The first was a 3v3 match where my teammates were defeated and the other team had one player left. I had a single villager left and only enough wood to build a single house. One of the defeated enemies was close enough in color to my player color that I wandered into his town, built a house, and stood my villager next to it for 2 hours while the opponent looked for me and finally gave up and quit, giving us the win.

The second was a similar scenario, except we had defeated our opponents and they had 1 player with 1 unit left. We chatted at them constantly to make them think we were looking for them. In reality, one teammate and I had converted our entire populous to villagers and were mining stone like mad and giving it to our 3rd teammate who used it to build walls spelling our clan tag diagonally across the map. Then we finally defeated the last player. I can only imagine their reaction as the map was revealed with our clan tag written across it in stone wall. :smile:


I just remember fondly the game store clerk a the mall talking about AoE2. really hyping me and my older brother up about the new graphics. How you will be able to see the elephants sway. That it will blow your mind how real it all looks. then when we got the game it had cheat code to summon a Shelby Cobra. So I Laughed and laughed.

Hittite campaign demo on aoe must have done it a thousand times.

Im very much the same as the OP, i really enjoyed honing my RTS skills, getting good at certain build orders and slowly made my way out of the lower echelons of the ranked ladder, pushed hard enough and managed to get into Diamond during the early days of SC2.

Enjoying those intense back and forth games where the slightest missclick/wrong decision would mean GG

I managed to find myself a really fun community to play with back then and im hoping to do the same with AoE4 :blush:

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I don’t have anyone to play with…but back when AOE 3 released I got the game and expansions later. I discovered the mod scene and custom maps. I would always play as russians on the christmas map. I got a kick out of attacking on christmas and destroying all the CPU’s on the map

Two memories that stand out for me:

Playing Starcraft campaign mode - I had loaded up a couple drop ships with marines and prepared to drop them into an enemy base on another island. Crossing the water on the map, I thought I had scouted the perfect site, but as I came in, I uncovered a missile turret I’d missed by a couple pixels, and one of my ships was quickly shot down. I got the other one away heavily damaged, but still in one piece. But I distinctly remember being crushed at losing all those good men in the first dropship. I really took it personally, and I think it’s because Blizzard did such a good job of bringing the Starcraft universe to life. Still my favorite Blizzard universe, and my first RTS game.

The one time I had friends to play games with was back when AOE ll launched and I had co-workers who were gamers. Over two nights, we had a 2v2 match going. Night 1 ended after 5 hours of play, with the game pretty much even, although one opponent, who was very good, had built a pretty solid turtle retreat. I managed to screenshot the entire map and exit the game. You could save the game-state and come back to it. I took that screenshot and projected it on our giant training screen at work and plotted out a 2-pronged strategy to crack the defenses and win. When we finally got everyone together again, my teammate and I executed the strategy, broke through the walls and started our pincer move. Unfortunately, one opponent just decided to surrender instead of retreating to his “good” teammate’s position and left the game. It was just a matter of time until we 2v1 pounded down the good player’s walls. I felt bad for him, because his teammate left him hanging, but it was still the most fun I think I ever had playing AOE ll.