Foot archer need to reworks

I have found that all Foot archer units have a right hand holding a bow and a left hand pulling a string that does not match. Do developers find any issues with the appearance of Foot archer units? They’re need to solve them, so that all Foot archer units should hold a bow with the left hand and pull a string with the right hand and the arrow pocket position on the right. Something a good is it

Are you reporting a visual bug ? Add screenshot and post in the bug report section.

I don’t understand the problem without seeing it. Archer in real life hand the bow either with the left or right hand, depending on their « main eye ».


Sure I see it to image is reporting a visual bug we must They must be repaired immediately. Ancient archers, like in reality, hold a bow with their left hand and pull the string with their right hand to repair the square model

left handed and left eye dominant people are allowed to exist yo


iirc the bad connotation to the word sinister and good vibe dexterous comes from the latin root of dexter meaning right hand, sinistre meaning left. and as we know medieval science was perfect, they deducted that left handed people are evil hence why sinister means something evil.

clearly, longbows as is are an omen from the devil and we must rectify this. the literally sinister man doesn’t even have an arrow notched yet is ready to fire. devs please fix, literally unplayable

(fr tho they did force people to fire 1 way and a small change while low priority, little changes can show the love of a game.)

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yeah, maybe some euros i guess. not anyone else lol just a ridiculous, localized superstition

Yes,Developers must have found that all Foot archer units and Foot archer heroes have fixed the issue of holding a bow with their left hand and right hand. It should be the skeletal model action of holding a bow with their left hand and pulling a bow with their right hand Only then