Football/Soccer Aoe2 Tournament

Football for Aoe2

It’s time to show off your instrong text-game footie skills with the first-ever [AoE Custom Soccer/Football Tournament]

For those of you who don’t know, Age of Mods has a custom scenario for AoEDE akin to Rocket League… but better, because, you know, it’s Age of Empires. The game is up to 4v4, and each player controls one unit, besides the the goalkeeper who controls two. (Although it is possible to swap positions between players)
Once you hit the ball you take possess of it, and you can shoot by setting a gather point first, and then ungarrisoning.
To save, the goalkeeper (Petard) must self kill when the ball is enough close to him.

Here’s what you need to know:

:date: Date: Beginning 15 July

:earth_africa: Venue: It’s online! Play from the comfort of your stronghold.

:soccer: Teams: TBD. You can either join a new group, start your own, or just try it out.

:trophy: Prizes: One month of Discord Nitro will be awarded to the best team of four.

Whether you’re a seasoned AoE player or a newbie just looking to have some fun, come on by.

Sign up with your team Here

May your kicks be strong and your strategies cunning.

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