For people who still say people dislike graphics

If you want such “Mechanics” then stronghold is the game for you not AoE.

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I don’t like comprehensive Settlers mechanics in AoE.

How did the topic go from graphics to whether you like/dislike settlers mechanics?

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LOL you can’t be serious. A company like Microsoft is more than capable of investing the money into getting their reviews right.

If only they spent like 1% into improving the models instead.

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Let me reformulate for you.

In age of empire 4, the fact that units are biger then the buildings and can’t fit inside, it make units look like they are big and gooffy, like the units in the selthers.

People do not want that.

People want building to be graphic made to allow unit to be able to enter them, giving a more realistic environnement.

I said i loved the selthers graphic because buildings have the rigth proportion, allowing units to go inside, to do their work.

it give a other level of realistic to the game graphic, seing the people whit the rigth proportion, working in buildings.

But people react in not wanting a chain production, like in stronghold or the selthers.

I also said that the land graphic of aoe4 look dead compared to the selthers, where things are alive and have a changing graphic.

I said that we could be inspired by the selthers season mecanic, to give more life to age of empire 4 graphic.

And people start replying no for season mecanic that will alter age of empire 4 graphic.

So, my conclusion is that people want units to be able to fit in doors of building, but avoyding units to enter buildings like in the selthers series and also avoyd the graphic that is too big and the mecanic that make the graphic more alive and real, when we see people work in buildings and when we see season change.

That doesn’t explain why we are discussing settlers mechanics and not AoE4 graphics

I did in fact cancel my preorder as one of the two main points boring graphics and gameplay. No wow factor like I had when I played AOE III back then. No animation to attract and no fun to keep me interested. For 80 dollars I asked for a refund and bought Spellforce 3 and Call of Duty Vanguard and moved on. Edit: I also stopped watching anything related to AOEIV and wish the community good luck, I’ll wait for AOE V to see if they do a better job of letting Relic take full autonomy or whatever developer they decide to do it with.


I didn’t like the graphics at first glance when I saw the trailer, but once I started playing the game I actually really enjoyed them.
It’s a really beautiful artstyle and one youtuber even pointed that it feels like you are playing the game on a pastel painting.


same for me. i really enjoying the graphic and i can’t wait to play it again. of course it isn’t everything like i would have it. but the most parts are really beautiful and enjoyable.


I was very critical of the graphics when game trailers got revealed but its either a Stockholm syndrome or they changed it enough that I quite like it now for some reason :smiley:


So let me get this straight: the topic title is “For people who still say people dislike graphics” and you said

But then you also said

(which, aside from anything else, confirms that you are one of the people who still say people dislike the graphics) and

The only non-contradictory conclusion I can draw here is that you think the number of people who like the graphics is increasing, but that most people still dislike them – and that there’s enough evidence to draw both conclusions, even though you acknowledge that only a small minority are commenting at all. Is that right?

If so, then that seems to me like a reasonable conclusion… just not one I agree with. The only conclusion I’m prepared to draw is that it seems that more of the people commenting like the graphics than they did before. (Although I haven’t actually done a survey of positive versus negative comments.)


I will be playing AoE4 on release on gamepass and later I might be buying the game.

But I still really dislike the graphics.
While they are not that bad in absolute terms, for me it’s a huge disappointment when compared to my expectations from a 2021 big budget AAA Microsoft game.

By far the worst are imo animations across the board, followed closely by unit models. Then there’s some obvious stuff like pretty bad size ratio problems and unmanned siege.

The problem with most of these is that they are high level design decisions, so they can’t really be “fixed” easily anymore. Devs will not be redoing all animations or units for a finished game, so it seems that this is what we are getting mostly.

I will still be playing, watching and supporting AoE4 and I really want it to be successfull, because I love the RTS genre. But I sense a total lack of ambition in AoE4 design, and that is the real disappointment for me.


The trailers somehow made the game look worse than it actually is. I don’t know how they managed it, but they did.

Even the gameplay from the trailers look worse than in the stress test. The previews are supposed to make the game look good even if it isn’t great.

Nice job Relic.

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Yes. It is a very reasonable conclusion. I know many people who said that they disliked the graphics before the betas and changed their minds after playing.

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So true, the trailers made it look like one of those rip off RTS mobile games that you see on Facebook.


Relic isn’t the marketing team, not exactly their fault. And even though they are the devs, MS gets the final say of what goes into the game

On the bright side, Microsoft can’t be worse than Amazon Games I guess. Besides New World, pretty much all of their games were mobile cash grabs.

Beff Jezos is always watching.

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When the game was announced, I was thougth that the game would have super ultra high graphics with 400K resolution where you could count how many teeth each soldier has. Instead of that, I was surprised with this beatifull art!. I really love these graphics! I cant wait to play this game again because all the mechanics and the graphic style make the game already great plus they have been listening the feedback from the comunity, solving some issues and listening the ideas but still, I dont get the idea of the post.
People who dont like the graphics, wont change their mind only because most of the comments in a video says positive things about it. Its their opinion and we have to respect what they think. Surelly those people are not interested in the game any more because they expected something else. Maybe they not even see any AoE IV so they would not bother about the comments about this.


Agree, and the one good game they have is frying graphic cards

I was expecting the “wow” factor to be in the details, but not necessarily the graphics. It seems like the game is missing those touches as well. such as siege engine crews (just visual flavor on the siege engines), or a custom UI design based on the faction you’re playing, or well… any advancements. right now it’s looking like an incomplete concept of a game rather than a successor to AoE. I don’t really care about how detailed the armor of a unit is - but I do care about the UI feeling like it’s appropriate for the era/faction I’m playing as. Right now it looks like a mobile-game UI with flat icons and transparent UI backgrounds. I just want to make the city that was in the initial reveal trailer…