For people who still say people dislike graphics

Check the comments of this video

Seems like more and more people are liking the graphics…


Its something to get used to.

Don’t hate it but don’t love it either.
As long the game is playable & enjoyable its fine by me.


I read those comments and i don’t see a big change about players opinions. There are people Who like and dislike It at the same time.

We’ll can have a Better prospetctive After release.

For sure, AOE4 didn’t have the “wow factor” that many players were waiting for and this Is the also the opinion of the many gaming sites.


The top graphic comment was saying they like the graphics and it also had the most likes of a graphics comment.

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I learnt to don’t see the Number of likes on YouTube videos. Dawn of War 3 had have the same feedbacks

I’m sure Aoe4 Will be Better and its gameplay Is pretty good (said It many Times also After the Two betas) but we could Admit this Time that Aoe4 Graphic doesn’t set a new graphic standard for the RTS. Probably we’ll have some Little improvements but i don’t Expect a Deep change now or with the future DLC.


What is that on HRE thumbnail? Robocop??
I don’t fuss against the graphics in general, some elements look really beautiful. On the other hand, some things are ridiculously cute or pathetic. Zero blood? How adorable. (Female Mongol Khan? Seriously)
Graphics won’t decide anything in the long run. Gameplay and honest, genuine, interesting history will decide everything.
So far, gameplay feels solid but lacks a bit variety; I like the victory conditions. Civ choice is a disaster though, some civ design elements ominous.
Counting YouTube Likes? No need to comment I guess


New games don’t need to

I am simply saying, earlier videos had a lot of comments saying the graphics were bad, this has changed. I interpret that as the community changing opinions

It could just be that the people who don’t like the graphics have stopped watching/commenting on the videos. I mean, if you’ve decided you dislike the graphics so much that you’re not interested in the game, why bother watching prerelease videos anymore?


Cartooney units with realistic buildings and terrain will always look funky, no matter how much knee walking units do before dying, but at least we can hope they improve the fighting animations. I mean the actual fighting animations, those where the units interact with each other and it’s all just a big mess.


Hardly anyone has decided that they are refusing to buy the game due to graphics, that is a tiny minority. Most people just dislike the graphics but will still play the game


Is it Robocop? Given how much emphasis theyve placed on historically accurate depictions of clothing and armour Im guessing its a real suit… likely that of an extremely rich person at the time…

Looks more like a Maximilian armour

Or a Gothic Plate armour


Sure, but only a tiny minority comment on videos at all - that video has 100,000 views but only 405 comments.

Besides, I was just suggesting a possible alternative explanation for why there may be fewer negative comments about the graphics. My point was that there’s not enough evidence to draw the conclusions that you drew in your first post. (Although I do realise you said “seems like”.)

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i am actually confused , they managed to make the shadows look darker? (for me this is ■■■■) but the game (textures) looks better . The shadows looks the same as the open beta or im just an idiot?

Can someone tell me?

Yet people were using the comment section to say people disliked the graphics before.

I know. I was explaining that those people are a tiny minority

There is just enough evidence as there was when people were saying that the majority disliked graphics

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Yes, there definitely are people who think more positive about Aoe4 graphics now.
But as others said I think most graphic dislikers aren’t watching or commenting Aoe4 videos anymore. Everything about graphics is said and the first “graphics shock” is over.

I’m also not sure how many people are the typical hype players, who get bored of the game after few weeks or months and how many will really play the game for a long time.
A big problem for me is that Aoe4 doesn’t look like it’s a game you’ll have fun for a long time, even if you like graphics. There is not much variation in animations, battles still feels clunky with some Aoe online feeling sometimes, nothing really revolutionary, no blood dirt skeletons, nature still feels dead, not sure about documentary campaign style etc.

It’s just an okay game. There just needs to be a better medieval RTS game and the number of Aoe4 players would probably decrease a lot. I’m sure about this. Microsoft and Relic can be happy there aren’t real (medieval RTS) competitors to Aoe4 atm.


Thing that looks awkward to me is how large the units are compared to buildings. In AoE2 the units are smaller, which style I like better. It looks goofy… When I look at it, otherwise I find them fine.
The style reminds me a bit of Settlers-franchise also.


I loved the selthers series, season mecanic was awsome and the chain crafting was cool to see, but the zoom level was painfull to play whit.

Every villager was alive and doing cool work jobs.

Having this to aoe4 would be only complementary and give more life.

I still dislike aoe 4 graphic, more because every thing is fit in a square, buildings are not in proportion to the units and that map generator only build map and resourcess in circle.

Yes because thanks God they are improving graphics. They are listening to feedback, they are doing amazing and you can feeel it.