Forced Location Pool? Really?

Think of the clowns, where will terror go?

Don’t separate than, allow people to create their pools which may include multiple maps and queue. The more maps you add the faster you get a match but if you absolutely don’t want to play any other map, you wait more and play a game you like.

The problem is with current settings it is harder to find people to play with as people just alt+f4 when they get a map they don’t want and other players go back to the queue again.

I accidentally clicked i am ready for a Highland map and after the game start i realized my mistake but i didn’t altF4 at that point in order to respect my opponents time. And at the end he complained about how boring the map is. We both played a map we didn’t want to play to begin with.

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"The automatch system is meant for ranked play. And not forrest nothing or arabia only.

If you wish to play only 1 or 2 maps, make a custom non ranked game or something."

What? We have 20 years playing ranked games on the maps we want, why change the experience that has proven to be good for everyone?
Dont re-invent the wheel, mostly if it’s working fine.

I play mostly Arena, I want to be able to select Arena and play Arena in a ranked mode.


You have to consider the fact that the system becomes unstable if you make people able to make to many rules. So what if i do not want to play arena but i want to play every other map? all of a sudden i might not find a game as fast.

Now add in 20 other maps people can select play only.


Is just as i said before, we have been doing that for 20 years and so far if you want to play BF ranked, you just open your ranked lobby, in which you decide if you want to play 2v2 or 3v3, also the waiting factor is easier with the current lobby system of HD because at least you can talk to the other players, but on DE you are just floating around and 2 minutes of queue look like an eternal punishment.

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Playing arabia every time is boring…
Ranked game should be fair and diverse. So it should involve various maps, just like the formal tournaments, just like ranked match in the other RTS games.

For the people insisting to play a specific map or rule, just host a custom game in the custom lobby.

And I don’t understand why some people are complaining.
Most maps in the current pool are open land map, there is no sea maps for now.
It should not be too difficult to be used to them, especially to a player who has already played this game for 20 years.

My only hope for the maps pool is that the dev team will rotate the pool periodly so we can enjoy various maps in the future.


You can not judge people for which map they enjoy playing. We don’t get money for winning on ranked, this is not a tournament. We want to have fun playing against people at our level at any map we want to play.


You can host a custom game. No elo shouId not matter to you if you just play for fun.

I am happy with the current ranked game. It is what ranked game should be, just like the other popular RTS games like starcraft and coh.

The old elo system in the HD is pretty broken in my opinion. There are so many smurfs and you don’t know what maps a player plays to get his elo. It is impossible to find the players at the same level to play with.


Unbalanced game equals no fun game. You seem to have difficulty understanding this;

  • Fun game = balanced game so elo matter to us(except of free for all)
  • Fun game = playing the exact map you want to play.
  • We don’t get paid for winning ranked games.
  • We paid already to play fun games.

Elo is not something that we pride on, elo is just a vessel for us to get a balanced game.


I agree. But I don’t think it is practicle to have elo for every specific map.

  • I think the best way is to have a map pool with various balanced maps. Just like the other RTS games.
  • If a map in the pool is not fun to you, you may pray or suggest the devs remove that map.
  • I am happy with the current ranked game.

Many people are not.

Can you name me a balancd map and a nonbalanced map and explain why?



Which map should we play in ranked game? Arabia? Arena? Nomad? Land Nomad? Black Forest? Why not just host a custom game to play your favorite maps?

No, I can’t.
All I can tell is the maps in the current pool are fine to me. I believe the devs must have their reason to pick these maps. At least we don’t have the really boring maps like Black Forest in the pool.


Most people here want Elo to create balanced games on their favorite map. But how can we use Elo for balancing if Elo can be gained easily by only playing one map? Just an example, my friend liked to play Arena 1 v 1 on HD, he reached 2200 Elo doing that, but on Arabia he got demolished by 19XX players. So it wasnt worth anything. Best way would be 2 Elo systems, casual Elo which you gain after every win like we are used to, and ranked Elo only gained by matchmaking.

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Having a single map pool is absolutely the correct decision. It keeps all players together which ensures it is quick to find a game against an opponent who is similarly skilled to you. If we create separate pools/single maps then it splits the players which both makes it longer to find games and those games against opponents who are significantly stronger/weaker than you. Especially with lesser played pools.

If you could create your own custom map pool, would you be OK with waiting 30+ mins to find a game, only for your opponent to crush you in first 10 minutes? That certainly would not be fun.

With that said there are certainly some improvements desired with the current system:

  1. Implementing a map veto system (or preferred choice) when a match has been found. The game can present 3 maps in the pool at random, and both you and your opponent veto a map you don’t want to play (or select the map you do want to play). That way you won’t be playing maps both players don’t want.
  2. Showing ELO in unranked lobbies to gauge players skill levels. This allows players to balance the teams when they want to only play one map. (Arena / BF / etc.)

The matchmaking ELO is the most effective at gauging your overall skill level as it tests your proficiency in the most situations. Having a separate casual ELO won’t solve imbalances from only playing one map… Joining an Arabia lobby when you are ranked highly in Arena will still leave you overrated, but showing your matchmaking ELO will be much more accurate.


I agree that showing the actual elo would also so work, but at this time a lot of fan favorites like BF, Arena and Nomad are not in the pool at all so you would 100% have people never touching ranked and therefore making ranked elo worthless as a balacing tool for casual games.


I, along with my brother and many others, am a NOMAD ONLY player. 2k+ on HD. I Do not, and do not wish to, play other maps.

The fact that playing Nomad is not an option in Ranked, and unranked game lobbies are unpopular and overall seem to be quite inactive, means that there is really no fun to be had with DE as it currently stands.

I hope the lobby games become Ranked or one can select Nomad-only from the match-making queue. Until then, I and others will likely not be motivated to play at all, despite all the cool new stuff.

Otherwise, the game is great! Just please, please, please, allow us to play competitively (with ranks) on our favourite gamestyles. I believe I speak for the entire Nomad community. I trust this will be resolved, so I look forward to when that happens and I can really dive in.

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I agree and think those maps should be added to the pool. But not without allowing players to veto them as not everyone will want to play a closed map like BF.

Nomad is a bit more questionable in 1v1 as you are not guaranteed a good start through no fault of your own. With TG this is not as much of an issue since the more players decreases the variance.

Makes sense, - Nomad could be restricted to 2v2 or more, not 1v1.

Maybe they could open the map pool up a bit more and then add a blacklist option, where you could blacklist a set amount of maps. Then they could track what people hate and look at removing those options from the queue. It might be nice to make two queues, one for open maps, and another for closed maps. I think making to many queues will give people way to long of a wait time but folks who want to play Black Forest or Islands aren’t going to want to play Arabia and vise versa.

Having blacklists would give the devs useful stats to see what should and should not be in the ranked queue. Alternatively, you could have map voting before the game, have the game pick 3 random maps and allow players to vote against playing a map. If players only hate one map the game could randomly pick from the two remaining, and maybe have an option if all maps are terrible to do one reshuffle. All players would have to select reshuffle and if selected it would pick 3 more maps with no repeats of the old maps.

I don’t need to only play Arabia but after watching T90 cast a DauT vs TaToH game on Highland I can see why having some sort of ban map option needs to exist.


“It is impossible to find the players at the same level to play with.”

You’re being hyperbolic about the old system, but that is literally the case with non ranked play in DE. You can’t see any players ELO in the lobby. 11