Forced Location Pool? Really?

I am very surprised that this is still a thing. Why aren’t you let us customize our own location pool? I would rather alt+f4 when i get a map that i don’t want to play and apparently i am not the only one doing that. Which just wastes everyones time. What is the logic behind this really, forcing someone on playing a boring map? The team selection is annoying too, it is impossible to queue for 4v4 nomad/arabia and 1v1 arabia but not 1v1 nomad. The queue system is way better than browsing the lobby for a game you want to join but this fixed location pool gotta go.

I think the devs got the wrong impression when we played any map on beta just to help the devs.

We did our part, now it is devs turn.


10000000000% agreed. The whole map pool is a bad idea. Veteran and competitive players pretty much only care about Arabia, and people like me who play only Black Forest team games can’t even play them in the ranked mode. Plus, the unranked mode sucks, teams are unbalanced cause there’s no ELO and there’s no benchmark requierement, causing laggy and unfair games for everyone.

Why can’t we play the most popular multiplayer maps in the last 20 years whenever we want?


I want seperate Arabia/BF/Arena/Nomad/DM queues with Random civ. +allow ranked play in in lobby.


This is Sonic the Movie level disconnect to fans really. I bet decision makers have no idea that some players play Arina or Black Forest exclusively.


I was so in love with the game until I tried to play multiplayer matches. I have 700+ hours playing black forest team games in HD and now I can’t even play decent matches. Players lag the whole game or DC cause they didn’t even need to pass the benchmark, or I get to play against people fresh out of the Wallace campaing cause I can’t even see their ELO to make fair teams.

I was under the understanding that the two most popular and meta maps for competitive/casual players were Arabia 1v1 and Black Forest team games. WHY is BF not in the rotation at all? WHY is Arabia not it’s own queue? People DC’ing during ranked games cause they got a ■■■■■■ map ensures literally NO ONE is having a good experience with this system.


You know the model is redesigned, right?

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Indeed. All I ask is to play Arabia and Black Forest RATED. I don’t care about other maps, these two maps are the ones I enjoy to play the most (for different reasons). Now I feel that I’m being forced to become mixed map player because developers thinks that being one or two map specialist is somehow bad thing. But thing is, I don’t want to play maps I enjoy less, and I don’t have time to learn every tricks for every map but I still want to be somewhat competetive what I do (also reason why I focus on 1-2 maps only). GIVE US FREEDOM TO CHOOSE


Im my case I have more than 3k hours on HD, playing them mostly on Arena, forcing players to play maps that we dont care about is just absurd. Also agree with everyone about unranked, those games are not a pleasant experience because there is no way to do balancing.

Anyways, i really hope the Devs take a look into this.


It’s insane.

I played mostly Arina ranked on HD/Voob but can’t even hope to randomize into on DE? It’s so stupid.

I don’t get why they’re doing it this way. Have the ever offered an explanation?


I have mixed feelings about this. Understand people’s frustration, but on other side separating maps will make the queue even longer and match making getting harder. Maybe separate queue when the user base is getting large enough?


I think ZeroEmpires made a good suggestion how the matchmaking could look like.

I really like his idea. Clean UI, usefull features, no map pool :wink:


Yeah, Microsoft. ZeroEmpires ideas are great. I hope something similar is in the works.


Any sort of forced location pool even if p1 and p2 banning maps won’t work for most people. If i want to play 4v4 nomad with people around my level i won’t accept/play any other game. The way the elo works is to match people with similar skill level to have a balanced and fun game. If there are 7 more people at my skill level feel the same way at that time than great, if not i won’t spend 1 second of my time for any other game. There is absolutely no reason to accept any sort of(not even flexible) location pool.

It is like you start Steam app and it decides what you play based on some pool. Tough luck you gonna play Hatsune Miku VR dance game, no arina for you.(Yes i would rather play Hatsune Miku than highland any day any time)


The automatch system is meant for ranked play. And not forrest nothing or arabia only.

If you wish to play only 1 or 2 maps, make a custom non ranked game or something. I hope there will be forced many more maps on ranked automatch because you should be able to play several maps.

Dont get me wrong, i think people should be allowed to play what they want. But that is what custom matches are for.


Yeah i get your point and i also don’t like the map pool. But have you watched the video?
At around 2min is the suggestion that ZeroEmpires made. You can select if you want to play a specific map. For me that looks fine

And who is saying that?
There is a competitive community that plays mostly three maps. Why not let them choose the map like the past 20 years? The ranking on voobly works like this for years and everyone seems happy with this.

I get your point that a good player should be good on all maps and styles, but if someone don’t like water maps or maps that go everytime post-imp, why should they expelled from ranked matches?


Hmm. I hope we will get some updates in the future that will allow everyone to be happy.

I sugested this in a stream talking with some of the viewers about it.
But i think having a Ranked rating (MMR : Match making rating ) if you will.
and a seperate rating called ( Public Skill rating ) which would apply to custom games.
Other games have had succes using something like that.

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I’ve been enjoying playing ranked.
Playing the other games that isn’t just Arabia every single map has been interesting and players can’t just do the exact same strategy they normally do. Makes for a better ranking system.

The problem with the old ranking system was you had players who were only good at one map and were pretty much 1700+ on Arabia and barely a 1600 on any other map. ■■■■ I was a 1700+ only playing islands but I’d rate myself somewhere around 1620 in reality


That’s a good point, it should be done for very popular maps like Arabia, Nomad, Black Forest and Arena. That’s said, if Eddie plays his first 20 games as Arena and decides to queue for Nomad i think he should not be too far away from his Arena elo. Like if you have 2000 elo on Arena you should be treated at least like 1800 Nomad.

I am glad he made the video, we are %95 on the same page. I just want full freedom for players and 0 intervention from the devs, if you want to play 1v1 BF with Vikings ranked, you should be able to queue with the exact setting you want.