Forceful disconnecting from MP 4v4

Extremely weird situation.

I was playing MP 4vs4, see game Link:
MP Replay v101.102.8319.0 #(73855) @2023.01.04 224319 (5).aoe2record (1.8 MB)

By the end of the recording, I was sending two rams to attack enemy player TC (green) and, as soon as I am in his base LOS, my computer blocks and suddenly game engine closed! Had I remained in game, who knows what would have happened to green base and green’s will to continue in-game… But guess what, I disconnected “accidentally” so we will never find that out! It happens that green was being sieged by me and my ally (orange).

Inmo this game engine closing could be due to deliberate hacking. Green was in trouble, so exploiting hacking knowledge to disconnect me from game makes sense to benefit the other team, especially since I can become a difficult player (I only play team games).

My other teammates (Achilleus, Avery571, JonquillePort1) were probably shocked and had no clue what happened. This is to let them know about it.

I don’t know if this has already happened to other people, but for safety, I let this here. Game platforms tend to atract hackers and malicious users so it’s always a good idea to play “cat and mouse”.

EDIT: I posted the game link and found out something even more strange. After replaying the MP set in my display, each of the player’s names suddenly were substituted by “Player” in their lines, and the game engine closed again! :face_with_monocle:

It happened to me multiple times as well.
While loading and playing the game, game suddenly stopped responding for a few seconds and a warning message popped out. The game will crash to desktop if I click anything during the time period.

Another episode just happened now. I was playing a MP 4v4 game and suddenly all names of players become “Player” and game engine closed. See the game for yourself. Either bug or malicious hacking.

MP Replay v101.102.8319.0 #(73855) @2023.01.06 225121 (7).aoe2record (2.3 MB)

My game suddenly closed twice today during matches, it had never occurred to me that way, at most it disconnected, but now it is completely closing and I was playing FFA as usual.