Forest clearing too fast

I guess it’s annoying for everyone that forest near lumber camp cuts down for a few minutes and you need be distracted for build new camp too often. Also it’s bad for macroeconomic because you just genocide all forest for a longtime session. When i played AoE 2 DE i hadn’t this problem.

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I don’t like replacing lumbercamps all the time.

Nobody liked manually replacing farms, so we got rid of that and everybody loved the change.

Make all trees 500 wood. Problem solved. :ok_hand:


Ok, I’m realy a beginner but I would agree to this. When I play I have 2 bigger forests arround in my reach and let’s say after 30 minutes it’s all done. For the next bigger woodrecources I have to go over the middle of the map. But 500 woods is a littlebit overdone don’t you think. ?

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500 per tree seems reasonable to me if we want to get rid of the need for constantly replacing the lumbercamps.

It could help to improve gameplay among lower ELO players as a result of having more stable wood income for siege.

Even tourneys games ended because no wood on the map for one player.

It’s good, because gold is unlimited and you need fight for wood control.

PS shape of wood is dump, always 2 circles. Circles could be just more for some maps.

Yes wood is very limited resource. In 2v2 you can easily run out of all wood around 35 min mark.

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It’s not so much a means to make wood run out slower, just that you could have fewer trees on the map and those trees last longer, so you don’t have to pay as much attention to your woodline.

made the calculations and the rate of forests is 32 per minute compared to gold which is 40 per minute, if we reduce that rate as you propose the rest should also be reduced, for that reason I do not agree, I took into account that the rate of hunting is 45 per minute

I guess 500 wood too much but 300 would be not bad.


I have the impression everybody says 150 is way to less (me too). Is anybody against it ? Developer perhaps ?

wood is plenty yes. but also unlimited gold is a problem for this game.

Personally I don’t think there is a problem with the forest clearing rate. It’s just an econ that handles differently, kinda how Trade differs from regular gold mining to an extent.

However the only problem I find is that wood has a hard-limit. Eventually you will run out of it in long haul games, unless you play Black Forest.

So I think there should be something in Castle or at least Imperial age, that allows for re-foresting.
I.e Lumbercamps regrow trees around them at a slow rate. (they become saplings of a random tree type that fills up the tree-resource, once its reach max, it becomes said tree)

I actually find forest clearing in this game far slower than in AoE2.

Do you know if somebody has done a comparison video on it, for reference?

Actually I do not.
This would be very interesting though!

I would love renewable wood.