Forget the Barracks

I am sure you guys are much better at this game than me, but we are going against this thing the wrong way. Wipe out the houses! That gets rid of the military units and ends the game much faster! :no_mouth:

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Your title is a bit misleading, could you change it to something like 'Reasons to Target Houses"?

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Yeah, I agree. A quick look at the title may suggest that Barracks improvements are not needed, when clearly the slinger should get an upgrade in Iron Age or something to enhance its reliability.


I only meant that taking out the enemy barracks in attack moves does not seem as important as taking out the enemy houses.

Yes. Depending on the odds, one should attack houses, yes. The problem is, you basically need to destroy ALL of them and not get killed either by villagers or barracks units that are still alive or spawning.

The game allows for different scenarios and strategies. That’s 1 of the reasons why I love it so much.