Forgotten Empires, please bring Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Definitive Edition for us!

Who from you guys has already played this awesome game, and desire to see it beautifully presented the way Age II: DE was?
They already have a complete reworked Age of Empires II engine. Just imagine this with Age II: DE graphics:

What do you people think? Any chances for this to happen? Disney loves the fans money, and I’m sure it would make tons of it :money_mouth_face:

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They asked. Disney said no


Seriously? I never had listen to anything about that. I ask your pardon, but f*** Disney. I’m done with Star Wars on their hands.

It took this for Disney star wars to be dead for you? Not the crappy sequel trilogy? Not letting ea control the games?


Hahaha no, absolutely not! I’m done precisely for the reasons you mentioned. This one is only one more frustration on a long road of sorrow and disappointment.
When I first watched The Force Awakens, I’ve embrace it, as we had a long time without any new movies, until I realized it was basically episode IV all over again. For God’s sake, what a lazy script.
But, when The Last Jedi came in… at that moment I was definitely done with them. I have no regrets for have spent my money on The Rise of Skywalker, at least. I watched it at home some days ago. WTF.
About EA, somewhat Jedi: Fallen Order broke the circle of disappointment since Battlefront for some people. I haven’t played the game yet, but it looks good. A single “single player” gem on a sea of EA Battlefronts, unfortunately.