Forgotten’s Production team we need be European new units

Please Forgotten’s Production make a We need a new Scottish units bagpiper and Highland Clansmen the cossack unit Cossack Renegade hero hetman Walloon Guard irish Gallowglass Norwegians and Mountain Troops European units new more revolution and the new historical battles make to may 26th

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+1 for gallowglasses :slight_smile:

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Yes the Production we must make by Scots Grays and Jacobite swordsman Victual Brother and new European Natives make to more

For Norwegians a Ski Trooper could be a unit for a future Danish civ.

About Jacobites: the devs mentioned that they don’t fit for more maps (Scottish Clansmen) so they scrapped the idea.

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The Production must quickly to new European units by make completely

Gallowglass would be a cool unit. Much more interesting than “Irish Brigadier”.

Norwegian troops would probably come along with a Danish civ.

There are lots more that would be better choices than some of what they’ve added.


The Miquelets would be a good addition because I think there are no Spanish mercenaries in the game, instead there were already at least 3 German mercenaries, and with this new DLC even more German mercenaries will come… (This is not a big criticism, it’s just a suggestion)


Of course This is be good suggestion The Forgotten Production team Make to New mercenary and outlaw units Scottish bagpiper (supporting units can increase the movement speed of units, and can bring their own aura) and Highland Clansmen(Long range and melee units) and Cossacks units hero hetman completed

Miquelet probably fits better as an outlaw like hajduks (irregular militia) or a native unit.
Irish kerns and gallowglasses should find a way into the game. I’d say Irish musketeer is quite interesting as well because Irish brigades were hired by many countries.
And the game should have “true” jinetes as probably a native javelin cavalry, and rename the Portuguese dragoon to something else. They were still used as late as 16th century.

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Miquelets could also be a mercenary.

“The name is a diminutive of Michael; it is claimed it comes from Miquel or Miquelot de Prats, a Catalan mercenary captain in the service of Cesare Borgia.”

They’d have lots of reasonable options for how to include them.

This is one of the new outlaw units. Looks pretty interesting. It can dismount and has different charged attacks.

Screenshot (94)


Okay the Production make to one hero hetman sich Cossack don Cossack Register Cossack is Cossack units quickly


IDK if it would be better that you write in your native language. We have a button to translate in the forums.

This Cossacks units the Forgotten’s Production make to quickly for may26th

solo quiero a los arcabuceros para españa

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We have Zenata riders!

Zenata = Jinete… maybe some linguistic variation of the same word.

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If any music can deal damage, its bagpipes


Go to search a catalan gralla. We even mixed with ska music in the 90s/00s

Yeah but zenata is a mercenary. I’m hoping for a javelin cavalry native.

BTW different units with essentially the same name happen in the game…“karabinier” and “carbine cavalry”, and now “carabineri”…

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Forgotten’s Production make to Scottish units bagpiper and Highland Clansmen for Britain new cards and Russian’s Cossacks all units hero hetman new cards to add into There is more historical interest