Formation slider doens't always work

Whenever you want to use your formation slider, a lot of the time I need to switch it a couple of times because the formation would not change. I reproduced this now:

  1. select any amount of units (I also test it with 5 spearmen)
  2. use C or click on the formation button and directly shortclick with your rightmouse button anywhere in the field

Apparently it skips/ignores the formation but it’s still on. So when you hold down right mouse button you think it should go in formation (because it gives the lay-out of the formation you chose), while it will never do that till you switch the slider off and on (and click not that fast after that). Now I know this I know the workaround for this :slight_smile: but still… for the people who don’t understand why this is happening it feels unrealiable (like me before this) and very frustrating when you see mangonels and it “doesn’t work”.

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Side note, wth is the cone formation for? I saw a video of an ancient military expert evaluating combat movies and he said that formation was never used because it so pointlessly weakens your front line.

I would also like to see this working properly / responsively. Thanks for drawing attention to it.

When I play with friends I demand cone formation while we cavalry charge. It is for the memes only.

Possibly could be useful because I think it prioritizes meaty units in front? So if you’re walking your army in you can default have knights / MAA in the front and siege and archers follow in the rear of the formation.

Thank you @DavidoNL4537 + all! This is definitely something we are aware of and working on.