Formations are still bugged like crazy

Reporting this again since it gets absolutely 0 attention but makes you feel like the game is fighting you so increadibly hard it’s absolutely insane.

Formations are bugged like crazy.
The only way to actually make your units switch into a different formation, is by clicking the formation button and then unbinding one of your units in the formation group (shift leftclick a selected unit model) and then move them for a certain distance.
Before that, by just clicking the formation button, the units won’t go in said formation even tho the toggle in on.

Sometimes your units, even tho moving in formation and still beeing toggled for said formation, move in the standard formation pattern again after an engagement.

PLEASE for the love of god fix that.
This makes me ragequit every few days since the stresstest client (which I reported back then as well) but for some reason this gets absolutely 0 attention.

Thank you for the report @Keempf. We are definitely working on a few issues surrounding formations. Attention received :slight_smile:.