Forming a modding group

An organization? You can invite me (alistair-jah) if you have one.

ohh nice very very good

I’d love to join, so far I’ve made lots of flag mods but I would like to learn more stuff to mod.

Gotta convince more modders to adopt GitHub though. On top of that, modders have to communicate a lot, know each other’s work and trust each other.

Speaking of trusting people… I don’t know how content creators actually feel about authorship, but I’ve only ever programmed AOE3 AIs since legacy and since AOE3 modders are not enthusiastic at all about AIs, I’m actually happy when my snippets are used in other AIs.

Hey man, do you need someone who does triggers?

any discord link?

we could work this page as a little begginer reference: Modding (Age of Empires III) | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom

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Can you please also add a link towards this tutorial? I know it’s extremely outdated and a lot of things won’t work for the Definitive Edition but in case it gains some attention, I might rewrite it.

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All people can edit wikia, but I will do

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Hey, if you want we can start making this more public in 2-3 weeks. I’m not at home right now, but if you want I can send you a discord invitation so we could get some ideas together :wink:

I will be out for the next 2 weeks

Just let me in.

I’m a web developer, I have good programming skills and I want to work on AOE3 mods

I’ve never made any mods for the game, but I’ve already ventured through the civilizations and units files

I’m not a modder but i would love to join this community, AoE III DE has so much modding potential and i habe plenty of ideas and mechanics we could try doing and scripting. If i may, do you guys have a discord group?

to both of you, we have our own discord with couple people in already

how can we get an invite?

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The server has been dead for a long time. Not sure what’s going on up there now. As far as I know, there’s no “global” project where every modder of the community is involved. But there are a lot of separate projects, and modders simply ask each other when they need to know something, need to test something, or need some other kind of help, etc.

basically yes
i did leave it a while back, but it was due to other responsibilities

Is it actually closed off? If it is I haven’t experienced that. Both here and on the discord I see people helping out all the time.

Don’t worry, modders are actually extremely helpful and there’s a lot of interaction. I simply wish there was a big “centralized” place to communicate, and unfortunately this thread could not make it. I mean, there’s this subforum but as I can see, the majority prefers Discord. A good first step would be to join one of the biggest servers out there:

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the project sadly doesn’t exist anymore.
Back then, while I was active, I really wanted to get into modding because I loved to do maps, but didn’t really know how to use triggers or any programming language. It didn’t took a long time until the first modders with different knowledge asked to join it. So I made the discord server bigger and more accessible and there was quite a lot of communication in the group. We tested our mods and maps and mostly any question was answered after a while. But then I started to become inactive and so did the chats. I wanted to redo the discord channel to make it more attractive again, but I eventually stopped with the whole idea because of my inactivity and interest in other things.I gave an other modder an admin role so he could continue with what I’ve started but nothing happened (Probably my fault because I didn’t talk to him much about it). And I eventually closed the server forever.

Today I must admit that I regret it, because the project was going quite well, even involving one ore two people who never had any experience with modding or map design. And I’d love to start a project 2.0, but I didn’t want to make a new post about it because I didn’t want it to end the same. But there are always new messages in this group which make me think "why not starting again?? ".

If there’s any interest in me hosting a new server I would immediately say yes.

I hope this answers a few questions you might have, if you want to talk further about it or about making a new server it’s probably the most easy way if u add me on discord. Killey#5798

I’ll start making and organizing a discord then tomorrow :slight_smile:

But it would be quite nice if you could help me especially with the channels needed. The first discord server didn’t really had an organized approach to it.

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