Forming a modding group

Hey guys,
i recently made a mod with taunts, which is finally working fine and I want to expand the modding community, because you can do a lot of AoE3 if you have the right knowledge ;D
So, if anyone is interested to join me and my friend can do so. Even if you just want to learn more about it (I’m still a beginner :slight_smile: )

Your only requiered to speak understandable english

So if you want to join, write a comment under this Topic and we can figure out the rest


I chose a random post for my first reply and I ended up here lol

I used to write AI scripts in Age3 Legacy. It’s kinda pointless to write AI scripts in Age3DE because the devs are actively maintaining it. But in case certain mods come up with mechanics that the original DE AI can’t guess on its own, maybe I could give advices. I could even write some script myself, provided that it’s not too big – I’m quite busy sometimes lol

Do you have a Discord server? That’s where I’m the most active.


Yea we have a discordserver, well its not going on much there. But I think you could be a very good help in our plans :smiley:

There is certainly plenty of untapped potential for aoe3 modding, wonder if anyone figured out font modding yet

I’m interested in modding, but I’m waiting for the game to be more stable in terms of updates.

ye keeping things updated and working properly can be a pain (my UI requires a port to new UI file every single patch to be stable on low end computers)

It will take quite a long time.
The community is small and there aren’t many modders for the game. So if you want the game to be more stable, we probably need to give feedback too, otherwise they (maybe won’t) figure out what is actually needed to improve. Overall it’s starting to get better and better.

And I personally think, that forming a proper group with trustable people, is going to make it much faster, to figure out stuff and recently I think, that they really want to improve the game. So maybe right now is the best time to (help) them :slight_smile:

Yea sometimes I just feel like: Why are you doing this to me?

I created a scenario once and sadly I can’t continue doing it. (It looked really nice)
I hope there’s a way to fix it, because i was with 30% done, which was a lot of work,. :frowning:

i’m pretty certain based on other things i did with and without the editor it can be done
only started in december last year with big things (did small scenario stuff before but never uploaded, back on legacy mostly)

Do you consider that scenario creation is part of the “modding” group ?

I consider these two things to be quite different. Pure modding consists of modifying the game files, while scenario editing requires using the game editor. It requires different skills.

I know the scenario editor quite well. But editing files to create a mod I’ve never tried.

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personally i don’t count scenarios as mods either, and am familiar with file editing (especially UI requires this)

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Yea I do, sorry if it’s to inaccurate :confused:
But for me personally it’s both modding, due to the triggers in the scenario editor. :smiley:

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YES PLEASE love to join

Hey SummerNutria,
do you already have some experience with moddig/coding etc, or are you new? :smiley:
Either way your welcome!

Yeah I’m new to mudding :laughing:
love to work and learn from someone who has experience and get my Chinese history to a good use
do you guys have a Facebook group or how do I join?

Yeah feel free to add me to add me to your discord server or whatever.

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Hey, I started modding some time ago. The last expansion gave us a lot of tools to work, so I want to learn more about modding. I’ll love to join your group

a mod for the scenario editor?

Might as well add me. I can create new civs - I’ve got a Lakota rework civ up and I’m working on two more - the Mohawk and a fantasy one I call the Sundom.

it is possible found something on gtihub?