Fort names

With the release of the definitive edition, the possible names for forts have been expanded greatly and there are a lot of names that can be randomly attributed when you build one.

For example, for the french you have :

But you also have what I consider “bad names”

For example, you can have the “Citadelle d’Amiens”, which is a city located in Northern France. For a game that take place in the New World/Asia/Africa (some people here will keep telling me that this is game is not about colonization, but there are plenty of facts that tell they are wrong, and I’m sure they know it). I believe that the french could have named anything “Fort Saint-Jean”, as this is quite a generic name. They would not have named a fort “Citadel of Amiens” in the New World/Asia/Africa, because it does not make any senses. I am sure that this problem is present for every european civ.

I suggest to remove fort name that are based in the home territory of such civs.

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It could also hint to possible future european content and maps

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Vive le Quebec!

I always enjoyed how both the forts and ships in AOE3 were given the names of real world forts and ships from the time period. Someone ought to write down the full list and put it on the AOE wiki.