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Hi Thank you , The Fort Wall have 2 sides different, it is normal you might need build it sometimes backwards. still Hopefully You Enjoy it and have fun :smile:

For some reason it does not work. Walls look the same.
Any suggestions?

perhaps u need enable it on mods. because it is working for me and Konahrik

Who said to use this MOD? I was just giving my opinion, I never got to try it.

I deleted it to prevent someone else from believing that I tried the MOD, I don’t want to generate more confusion.

This MOD already existed at the time of the original game (not necessarily from the same creator), on that occasion I did try it and the reason I uninstalled it was because sometimes the walls were upside down.

Also, I didn’t mean to imply that I knew about the error, just that I was worried it would happen again.

Delete ur post but Wont Change what u Said . I still rembem it.“I always believed that these walls should be from post-colonial civilizations like the US and Mexico, plus I’m a bit worried that the wall itself ends up backwards, but overall it seems like a good mod.” So u tried it . Since u knew akready it builds backwards as well to make the right side as well depending of the side u wanna build. So u a funny guy i guess

Upside down? For never never occured that issue
. So do not be talk bad about other people mods. Please

it actually doesn t work for me too, it s because the method used to modifiy the walls skin doesn t work (or at least not for everyone, or for AoE DE)

Are you playing on AoE DE or classic edition ?

Playing DE. Many mods just simply do not work :person_shrugging:

AOE3 DE the mod is for

ok ok, weird since it doesn t work for me :sweat_smile:

Age of empires 3 Definition Edition Works 100% . if u use other mods that includeds (Protoy) it might do not work propely