Fortress is an awful, awful map

Please remove this nightmare of a map from the pool.
Nobody wants custom scenario style maps in the main map rotation.
Many thanks!

i like it. regicide fortress has been one of the classic standard maps next to arena and black forest. if anything i think it should be a perminite edition as well as mega random and nomad. being able to pick what map you wana play is priorit tho


Everybody who doesn’t likes fortress can ban it.
I also don’t like that map and didn’t vote for it. But it was a democratic vote and should be repected. For me it means I ban now 2 maps instead of only arena, but that’s fine.
People just have different preferences, that’s what we all have to live with. The question is if we want to oppose everybody with different opinions or curious why they do have. Maybe we can even learn something from people with different preferences?
Whoever thinks he knows everything can never learn something new.


We voted for Fortress; because, it’s much better than having an entirely separate game-mode like Nomad in the pool.
(Fortress was just behind nomad by 1% before becoming tied followed by some good souls who changed their votes to boost fortress into 3rd place beyond nomad’s clutches.)

Fortress also stands under the standard starts standard.
1 tc, 3 vills+civ bonuses and a regular scout/eagle scout; it is not a non-normal standard start map. Be it islands, arabia, black forest or arena and fortress, all of these are normal-start standard maps. Regardless of surrounding terrain and resources or existence or lack of starting walls/towers; as long as the fundamentals are there, it’s fair game in the ranked queue.

(Mega random currently doesn’t retain the fundamentals so remains a separate game-mode until it gains them)

I would prefer arena and fortress to switch out from time to time and I’d place a different map into the pool rather than another map similar to arena at the same time, but that’s my preferance - fortress is a good map, and so is arena and it’s fine if both are in the queue at the same time.


One of the least balanced maps.

  • Castle/Towers position can be potentially awful.

  • Some civs are extremely better than others, just like Arena but worse, not just because it’s a boomy map and some civs are just better at booming, but the fact you have free defensive Castle. Many civs simply have no useful Unique Unit to steam roll with.

  • There is no King, totally losing its only fun aspect that this map has.

  • Dark Age is super boring, no deer or any dimension of playability.

  • Too much space for booming, on top of the defensive fortifications, the defender has to his right tons of space to boom at, while in other maps like Hideout and Arena space is an actual resource for the aggressor to play with offensively pushing the enemy into tiny inefficient base.

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True, these need to be less RNG. Like maybe put the castle near the main gold, and towers near stone and berries, with an extra tower on nothing to keep opponents guessing. If not that, then maybe a semi-mirrored map so at least its even when bad.

I disagree here. Civs like Spanish and Koreans are at a huge disadvantage on most maps, its nice to have one that protects their eco and allows them to save 650 stone when trying to get to their primary military composition. It levels the playing field between civs with a bonus to generic units and those with UU. Every civ benefits from a castle for UT’s, defense, and later trebuchets. The only civs that get taken down a notch are those that rely on Dark Age or Feudal rush, and preventing that is kinda the point of Fortress and Arena.

Agree that it should have deer. At least Dark Age is quick with the extra vills, almost like an Empire Wars start without the immediate need for aggression.


I like it instead, but yes it would have been more interesting with the king, the only thing that surprises me is the presence of both Nomad and Land Nomad in the rotation this time. I’m sure it happened again in the past though.
To me Land Nomad seems a worse Nomad.

The big problem is how it is no longer Regicide Fortress, which was how it was traditionally played, as well as making it more interesting. If Regicide got added back it could add an interesting new dimension to it.


Sure it’s not the most balanced map. But there have been much worse maps in the pool so where’s the problem? Btw each full water map has worse balance bc of less viable civs and less comeback possibilities. Also I find a lot civs to be good here. Good uu und boom civs work. Good imp unit comp civs work. Even civs wih mobile units can be decent here contrary to other closed maps as you have to expand outside your walls pretty quickly and you don’t have thick woodlines.

Just ban it if you don’t like it. If I made a post about each map I don’t like in the pool I’d probably post 3 times every two weeks.