Forts is still in the ranked map pool, when will you remove it?

Most players hate the map, including all the pros.
Please remove this from ranked map pool via hotfix ASAP, thanks!

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Any Dev here?
It would be amazing, if you could increase the number of vetos to 5.
There are (these days) always 3 water maps and at least 2 VERY controversive maps in the 1v1 ranked map pool.
It’s impossible to have balanced and normal games in 1v1 that way with only 3 vetos.
I myself am playing on 3 different accounts all in same elo right now, because I have to dodge matches for the maps (not for the many smurfs!) all the time and get huge timers.

Cliffside and Forts are unplayable.

i guess most ppl banned Forts. perhaps it doesn’t matter.