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With all the strife in these tumultuous times, I thought it would be interesting to see how many people want more moderation on this forum (deleting repeated posts/topics, more heavily deleting aggressive/rude comments, etc) and how many want it the way it is/even less (if that’s really possible)

I personally think there could be some more done in this area, but the moderators should well ‘plugged in’ individuals with some sort of connection, or agreement with Relic, or whoever this forum technically belongs to. Definitely not some achievable milestone via posting and likes, except for maybe in VERY rare circumstances where someone shows exceptional behavior and positive addition to the forum.

I would hate to see it overdone where all naysayers are muted or something, because they can bring good criticism that sparks discussion over issues people in love with the game might overlook

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nah over moderating kills a forum


To have opened this thread, you may not have been a forum user during the Golden Age of Forums.

This place is heavenly. You can post your opinions, but you cannot flame. You can open new threads but cannot utterly derail others. Simple stuff, the Spirit and not the Letter of the Law, the way it ought to be.

I dare you to seek out the pre-2010 forum activity across the internet and weep when your eyes are dimmed by mod/admin troll/flame posts in the general discussions throughout the forums & suspending users they dislike for personal reasons. Grief or Nirvana depending on your role in things.



The community in game and on the forums are heavenly compared to the past. I don’t think that more moderation is required. A little controversy shouldn’t harm at all.


While this is something I’m interested in, this isn’t up for discussion on the forums per the code of conduct. If you have questions or concerns please submit a support request at