Found a bug, hope to solve

The treaty and death match a particular balance change, which is not in writing. This balance change is effective in all modes. For example, the following

Exalted Siege Elephant improvement now also grants +2 range and line of sight

Exalted Flaming Arrow improvement now also grants +2 range and line of sight

Russian Imperial Strelets upgrade now also grants Strelets +2 range

Hi @Happyearth02, I believe these changes are in writing. They are in the changelog of the release of the game which you can find here: Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition — Release Day Gameplay Changelog – Age of Empires

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In fact, this kind of balance change will also exist not only under treaties and deathmatches, but also under the classics.

can you fix this ASAP? infinite sources on replay instead of numbers
if i remember i made a post asking for fixing but no answer still

maybe it show infinite because i have infinite sources mode on skirmish

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Hi @raulramirez91, sorry for missing your first report. We’re now tracking this issue :slight_smile:


My understanding is wrong
You’re great