Found a free maphack exe that works right now

So my friend was just searching to see if people use maphacks in this game and he stumbled upon a free exe available to download which has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of time (updated versions counted in)

He streamed on discord, hopped into a MP game and it actually worked… He left quickly obviously cuz we ain’t cheaters but this thing has been around for a long time and I bet at least half the active players are using it at this point lol. I can share the exe file, download link etc with the devs, whoever is interested.

Is there even any anti-cheat available for this game? We’ve been playing hours per day and wonder how many players have used this thing against us. I expect Relic to get on this really fast and seriously cuz how do u even expect the game to go anywhere if you aren’t dealing with cheats seriously enough to at least eliminate FREE cheats?

Please do PM me the details—thanks!