Four Lakes Player Never Gives Up

Has this ever happened to you before? It times like this wonder victory should be a thing. All he has is ships. Nothing else. I won in the game in the end, but I had to grind him down to his last ship. I had to bait him (running scouts to keep him busy) and stuff, and hit him with bombard cannons, once he was down to his last few ships I made docks (with lots of villagers) and sent demo ships and other ships at him.

It’s very hard to kill him.

Edit: Now got him down to his last ship. Look how long the game is.


You must be new to RTS.This happens in every single RTS game.

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Not every player would do this.


This is why wonder victory condition exists.

no, not every player does this, but some do. yes its an inconvenience. no, people won’t stop doing it.

You realize that conquest is the only valid victory condition for ranked gameplay right?


Just make a few towers near the shorelines and get heated shot

They have cannon gallons. I won in the end anyway.

they have 1 at the end, you could have easily done multiple docks or multiple towers all at once and won that way.

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This seems like a good argument for enabling wonder victory in ranked play


I wonder why there is no wonder victory. Giving that quick play mode can win by wonder

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Then you’ll get players who gear their entire strategy towards just racing towards a wonder and defending it, which isn’t the way most people want to play the game.


Also I wonder how you let your opponent get Cannon Galleons out…

In addition to all the other replies why wonder victory isn’t good, a Wonder victory would probably also take more time to complete than y’know, the conquest victory.

Struggling to understand how making several docks, with either castle/towers (with Heated Shot) would be too difficult. 3 Cannon Galleons really don’t do that much damage, you can repair that easily.

Could even go for monks, even though Gurjaras don’t get Block Printing. That’ll force Longboats away for you to get Towers up. 11

You might find it less frustrating to hunt down all your opponents units because it takes less time, but aren’t myself and the OP allowed to prefer to end a match like this with a wonder?
If I feel like I’ve already won I’d much rather drink a cup of tea whilst waiting for a timer to tick down than to micro villagers and monks to try to kill some ships. Much less stressful.
Also it doesn’t feel like I’m giving the opponent respect that he doesn’t deserve.

Rather bold, to speak for “most people” like that :upside_down_face:
I don’t think I’d mind too much. If I can’t finish my opponent in feudal/castle age, and he can afford to build a wonder, and he can stall me out, I think I deserve to lose. The only situations that would frustrate me arise on super closed maps (and black forest generally isn’t in the 1v1 map pool), if my opponent is a smurf (which is frustrating anyway), or if the wonder is too cheap or the wonder victory too fast.
Now you could be in the majority, but I think most people in the 1v1 community would agree with me. Wonder strats are weak, and so the only way to lose against a wonder strat is if the other person is smurfing, which is frustrating regardless.
In team games I’ve heard wonder strats can be too strong, so I don’t think they should enable wonder victory there.



so you would need a counter strategy to wonder victories, which is generally victory points /flags /zones(which forces the wonder turtle out of their position to contest the victory points)

its probably just easier to leave it the way it is even if its not optimal, because the alternative is a lot of work

that really sucks, and i think your opponent was horrible, but i wouldve just quit and reported (i know its a placebo, but for that one day when maybe devs actually do something)

playing against him, like you did, was literally feeding the troll. you gave him more joy by playing the game

in aoe4, someone does this, you cap the sacred sites /wonder victory and watch while they moan about the game instead. you kill the troll instead of feeding it