Four Lakes - Why can't we have the OG

I don’t really understand why they can’t just make the Four Lakes played on Redbull Wololo the same as in this PuP? I was really excited to finally see this map in the PuP and then i open up to see 4 sacred sites with barely a fishing area.

There was no reason to change it in my opinion and I dont have enough veto’s in the ranked pool to take it off my unranked or ranked playlist.

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The OG four lakes was tailored to 1v1s, while the game’s version is tailored to fit any type of player count and variation of play.
In FFAs or larger team games, there is no space on the landmass to add more than one central sacred site that would be contested. If there were multiple sacred sites on four lakes then those would be spawning almost within the player’s base. Try setting up an 8 players game lobby and see if you can find a good place for more than 1 site on land.

Would also love to hear more feedback about why you think these changes are bad? My list would be:

  • Transporting is an exhausting effort
  • Lakes too valuable.
  • Not having the sacred victory viable.

With that being said on the flip side of the coin I think the map now offers:

  • more open aggression on land.
  • more interesting hybrid map gameplay.
  • general better distribution of resources.

Just sharing the quote on quote “reason” for the changes, to be as transparent as possible.
Feel free to share your own opinions in a constructive way, now is the best time for feedback :slight_smile:

in my opinion, more appropriate name for what the map generates as atm would be four rivers, i do agree with issues pointed out above, but lets add another big one, as you know that river is fairly thin, and due to how dock placing works, its frighteningly easy to screw it up and accidentally putting dock foundation on the island

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I never had that issue but that is interesting to hear!